• Feel the exquisite pleasure (The intimate nipple diddling Kegeling experience) Plus athletic cups

    [This blog is directed to @goldenboy and other interested guys]

    Hi guys,

    It is an early Sunday morning here in DC. The weather is warm and muggy outdoors a couple hours before dawn. My AC is running on low. I am seated at my PC typing this blog entry. I am buck naked wearing my favorite BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no.85 men’s medium.

    An hour ago I woke up from a curious dream feeling refreshed. I went to bed just after 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, my usual hour after a day of intellectual activities. I needed my rest. I wore nothing but a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

    After I woke up earlier this morning in the 3 o’clock hour and processed my curious dream, I touched myself sexually. Sexual touch for me, a 70 yo man is several light flicks across my nipples. This sexual touch is at the heart of my nipple diddling activities. Nipple diddling is an outgrowth of my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. Like I said now when I touch my nipples sexually, I am off to the races in sexual awareness and activities.

    Nipple diddling I have found since September 2016 is most effective when done in bed at night or at place such a PC where privacy is guaranteed. Here you can explore what nipple diddling on your body. You may very well discover as I have that there is definite connection between diddling your nipples and your genital apparatus or “package,” not just your penis. Your prostate, anal musculature, perineum, and other parts of your genital apparatus are involved. There is such powerful pleasure when experience this vital connection. Hence there is such powerful and pleasurable connection whenever you diddle your nipples and perform the Kegels at the same time. You are bound to experience loads of sexual pleasure!

    Also you can diddle your nipples uncover unnoticed in public places such as in parks or in coffeehouses. Diddling yourself surrounded by nature is a good way to connect with the universe intimately.

    @goldenboy recently said that wearing a jockstrap or a jock and cup aid performing the Kegels. That is so true. As you diddle yourself and perform the Kegels, you may find yourself becoming sexually aroused. The imagery of Climbing the Mount of Sexual Pleasure is indeed powerful. This what I experienced when as an adolescent on an early Saturday evening in April 1964, I was masturbating and my body took over. I felt that I was climbing a mountain and reached a heady rarefied area. A tidal wave of pleasure swept over me. That was when I experienced my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen! Experienced masturbators learn to stave off orgasm and semen ejaculation as long as possible. This is called surfing the Point-of-no-Return or the PONR. Guys who surf in this manner know that they will experience very sweet and powerful orgasms and ejaculations the longer they hold off. This type of delayed gratification is good training for guys to have satisfying sex with their partners down the road. It also gives sweet satisfaction for guys who do it solo.

    Diddling and Kegeling while wearing a jockstrap or certainly a jock and cup combo nowadays enable me to experience being in the vicinity of the PONR which to me is the summit of the Mount of Sexual Arousal. The air in the plains near this PONR summit is indeed rarefied. However there is sexual excitement near the PONR which to me is a temple. This sexual excitement of “holding off” for as long as near this temple comprises this very sweet dalliance I have spoken of in recent posts.

    @goldenboy wrote in a recent blog post:

    “This PONR experience was caused by wearing a specific jock/cup combo: the SD [Shock Doctor] 218 with Ultra Pro Carbon Cup. The strap is tight and the cup ‘fits’ my erection perfectly and causes just a bit of rubbing on the frenulum, hence, it is capable of inducing a feeling close to the PONR. Other cups/straps do not seem to have this effect.”

    The Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Cup is a banana cup with a gasket or perimeter that has a bottom that that contains your ball sack and seems to massage your perineum. This athletic cup is very similar in design to the BIKE banana cup which was manufactured in 1986 which I am wearing right now as I type this. Its accompanying strap is also tight as your sexual equipment (your cock and balls) is stimulated beyond measure. I am in bliss of being close to the PONR as I type this.

    I must say something about my sweet spot which is located very near my perineum. It is the juncture of areas comprising my prostate, cock root, and perineum. The Aneros has educated these areas of mine through years of sessions.

    Now some suggestions: First experience the sexual dynamos of your nipples through diddling. Aim to experience the nipple diddling and Kegeling connection. You may discover this connection engages your entire genital apparatus, not just your penis. You are invited however to the experience your entire cock or dick from the cock root all the way along your cock shaft to the Glans. By all means, experience the sexual power of dalliance in close proximity of the PONR. However, this exploration is really limitless and leads to sexual bliss of many types.

    Update I, Sunday (actually Tuesday morning). I had about a 30 minute session with Maximus Classic and Progasm ICE. I worked with Maximus Classic in my usually lying on my back position. Maximus plowed my bunghole in powerful yet sweet fashion for about 15 minutes. Then I withdrew Maximus, walked to my bathroom, and then inserted Progasm ICE standing. Progasm ICE auto-fucked me sweetly and powerfully for about 15 minutes. The session left me with sweet, powerful Aless for the rest of the day which I interacted with the Kegels at very parts of the day.

    Update II, Tuesday morning in twenty minutes flat, I had a quick session in order with MGX Classic, Helix Syn Classic and Progasm ICE. MGX I worked with lying on my back and then Helix Syn and Progasm ICE in quick order in the standing position. I came away thoroughly satisfied after being auto-fucked these models. My Aless right now is indeed powerful and sweet which I am interacting once again at very times of the day with the Kegels!

    P.S. no. 1. Wearing a jock and cup to bed at night along with diddling your nipples and Kegeling is a wonderful way to prime yourself for an Aneros session in the morning. I think @goldenboy and other guys into this can attest to all this! 🙂

    Take care.

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