• Fantasy and Super O

    Anyone who reads whatever I have written over the years or who knows me here knows the profound impact that rewiring has had on me. I am a changed man. I think of myself as hypersexual and serenely sensual. Erotic thoughts are part of my daily life; eroticism is always with me bubbling inches below the surface of my routine existance. Fantasy is one of those erotic things that amuses me, piques my imagings and keeps my cock hard and wet.
    When an erotic fantasy finds me it is like it has found a comfortable chair; it settles in and stays, relaxing and pondering the facets of its own lush eroticism while secretly reveling in the arousal that it stirs in me. It has certainly been that way over the last few weeks with my fantasy of sexual intimacy with A. She is someone that I have occassion to see quite frequently in meetings and events. Last night I had a particularly pleasurable fantasy involving the two of us. It happened because I saw her at a meeting of the organization she works for and that I volunteer for yesterday. As a leading volunteer in the organization I have a lot of interaction with her before, during and after the meetings. She is Secretary to the board.
    The fantasies that I have that involve real people that I see all the time seem to be the dominant ones in the erotic landscape of my mind, they also harden my cock the fastest. Certainly the homoerotic fantasies I have at the pinnacle of MMO ecstasy are an example of that; when my anus is quivering and my prostate is pumping and my cock is lurching in convulsive orgasmic spasms my fantasies of real people become surreal. Most of the time they involve a exquisitely formed friend who is exuding male sexuality; he is drilling my asshole with a massive erect cock whose shaft is tracked with rigid veins. The convulsive spasms of pleasure pumping deep in my own anal canal become spasms of his cock as it rhythmically pumps a thick hot stream of his sweet ejaculate deep into my anal cavity.
    But sitting across the table from A yesterday, her demure sexuality grabbed my erotic attention. Her appealing and vulnerable femininity is beguiling. She is very bright, working in a job that pays well but is far beneath her intelligence and education. She can’t take on a position that would demand a lot of her time because is juggling the responsibilities of raising two kids; her husband left her a year ago. There is a quiet sensual mystery to her. Her face is beautiful, her facial features are elegantly chiseled and her hair is auburn and very silky. Most striking though are her green eyes. Looking into her eyes she draws me in and holds me even though she is not trying. He body is elegantly feminine, soft and curvy in a very classical sense of femininity. Thoughts of lying nude with her kissing her as my erect cock presses against her pubic mound make my penis go rigid in anguished desire.
    Yesterday at the meeting she was wearing slacks and a sweater. The slacks were non descript black but they were tailored well, accentuating her long legs. She has a bit of a tummy; it accentuates the curves below her waist. I could imagine laying naked with her, my head on her thigh inches from her downy vulva breathing in the musky aroma of her feminine arousal. I would imagine that she doesn’t shave her peach, she is a conservative woman; however its hard to predict the sexual predilections of even a reserved woman.
    But A’s most noteworthy features beside her gorgeous face are her voluptuous tits. They are not massive, they are full and ripe; but they are perfect. In her sweater yesterday, the thin knitted fabric clung to them and outlined their sensual shape elegantly. I don’t know what kind of bras she buys but they have my vote. Her clingy sweater revealed her breasts to be teardrop shaped and slightly pendulous, but not sagging. It was obvious from the form revealing knit that draped her chest yesterday that her subtly outlined nipples are situated at the tip of her teardrop shaped breasts slightly towards the top of them, giving her tits that characteristically sexy upturned shape. She must be a 36 C or maybe even a small D cup.
    I am one of those guys who are attracted to nipples like a hummingbird is attracted to aromatic sweet honeysuckle. All during the meeting yesterday sitting across from her I took surreptitious glances at her lush chest; gazing at her tits I could imagine her warm breasts in the caress of my hands as I held them to my lips to suckle the sexual desire from her aroused nipples.
    I don’t know if she intends her glances at me to arouse me or if she is conscious of my attraction to her. I don’t know if it is just that she is naturally alluring to everyone. In my sixty year old fantasy aroused mind I imagine that as she looked at me yesterday with those mysterious “come hither eyes” she was asking me to be with her emotionally, physically and sexually. Several times yesterday during the meeting she looked at me and smiled. I melted. The affection that I have for all women flares up when I interact with them and with certain women like A it is more so. What I feel in her presence is more than affection, it is a desire to caress her, kiss her and take care of her emotionally; that is where my fantasy with her comes in.
    As I looked at her towards the end of the meeting our eyes met and she smiled her demure smile at me as she usually does and for a second I felt a flash of her attraction to me. My cock lurched and I was suddenly sailing in a fantasy of feeling her soft feminine body relaxing in my arms as my cock quietly hardened in my pants readying for penetration of her soft pussy opening. The sensual fantasy of lying with her and kissing her quickened my heartbeat and made a calm sensual exhilaration fill my head. I longed to feel her body against mine with my hands cradling her sweater covered breast as I kissed her passionately. Then the meeting was over.
    It was 7 PM and I needed to get home. It was a dark ride home but the images of her sensually luxurious femininity lingered in my mind like a gently burning fire, its flames licking at my cock, warming it and breathing the fire of arousal on it. The warm memory of her sexiness indeed felt like it has her warm breath blowing on my cock as she kissed it. As she kissed my swelling cockhead she cast her sexy spell on it by breathing the warm breath of her lust on it making it stiffen to her sultry sexuality.
    I wallowed in the sexy fantasy of her all the way home last night. And even after dinner when I came in here into my office, in the quiet yellow light from my desk lamp the fantasy of intimacy with her clung to my mind. It was if she was a warm pot of melted chocolate and I had dipped my sexy spoon into her; her sensual sexuality coated my thoughts the way melted chocolate coats a spoon that is dipped into it.
    Despite an evening of emails and news and myriad distractions the thought of kissing her silky vaginal lips and sensually caressing her body and dipping my middle finger into her passion sopped pussy mouth remained lodged in my thoughts. Lying in bed at midnight I let my fantasy run wild.
    In my fantasy I envisioned that A and I were going to meet with a group of organizational constituents in Philadelphia. No other board members could make it and the Executive Director had a conflict, so it was left to the President )me( and the recording secretary )her( to cover the meeting. I picked her up early in the day at her house and we drove the four hours to Philadelphia to do the meeting. We arrived at the venue at 3 and set up for the agenda. By 4 PM, all 30 people were there and the meeting began. This is a real group that we routinely meet with, which made the fantasy all the more real in my mind.
    In the fantasy the meeting ended at 7 PM as scheduled leaving A. and I free for the evening. In my mind the official duties of President were over and this became an illicit date with this beautiful young woman. I have never cheated on J; the forbidden nature of this fantasy kicked its eroticism into high gear.
    We were very relaxed and comfortable with each other but not close. I knew we would have a great evening together, she is such a pleasant person to work with in our organizational meetings and there was this thinly veil hope of more intimate connection.
    We wound up at a restaurant that the organization uses frequently in Phila. for dinner meetings. The surroundings were as comfortable as chatting with her was. The free and easy banter about the organization and our own hometown communities slowly glided into more personal verbal interchange. I inspire trust with people that I interact with especially women. I think it is my height and demeanor; I come off as a father figure. It is also my interest in people as well; I genuinely find the details of peoples lives fascinating and I love to listen to them. People are comfortable with me and the open up and talk about deeply personal things. So I listened.
    The details of her life flowed from her thoughts like a babbling brook. Her move to New York from Illinois to go to college, the career choice she made and ultimately her choice of boyfriends and later husband. The longer she talked the deeper and more intimate the details became. Soon she was revealing intimacies of her life the way I imagined she might part her legs and reveal her lush vulva to me. She told me of her need for emotional intimacy and the crushing realization of her exes demeaning nature and his emotionally abusive character as it crushed her intimate connection to him along with the pain it caused her. As I sympathized with her I felt her getting emotionally closer to me. I gazed into her eyes as I listened in rapt attention. I took in all the pain that she described.
    When we left the restaurant we left in a different relationship than when we started the day, 10 hours earlier; I had grown closer to her. Beyond the desperate sexual desire I had for her I now had the emotionally intimate connection that I longed for. As we drove to our hotel I wondered if the emotional intimacy would open the door to sexual intimacy.
    I had a warm emotional feeling for her; it emboldened me. The relaxed connection I felt for her girded that boldness with a comfortable feeling that I could be totally open with her and share my feelings openly. With uncharacteristic forwardness, I admitted to her that I was enjoying the time with her and that I longed to continue our conversation and the warm feelings it created deep inside me. Hoping that she felt the same way I suggested that maybe we could forego the second hotel room and spend the night together. To my extreme joy she quietly said: “ mmmm that would be nice”. My cock throbbed enthusiastically in response.
    Checking into the hotel I told the clerk that the second party had cancelled and that we only needed one room. In my mind I fantasized that we made a believable couple. The ride up the elevator was a nervous one for me and her too I suspected. What I was about to do was totally out of character for me. The nervousness continued on the walk down the soft carpet to what had just become our room. My arousal was whining in my ears like a jet engine. As I inserted the card key in the door my legs felt weak and my heart was pounding.
    Swinging the door open we both stepped inside. Without any hesitation I turned to her and kissed her. It was a kiss intended to assuage all her pain that she admitted to me over dinner. For me it was a kiss that expressed the steaming desire that had been bubbling inside of me for months. I held her and breathed my passion into her as I kissed her, she responded to my kiss with her own passion, seeking to connect with me emotionally, physically and sexually.
    Separating our lips as gracefully as possible we looked into each other’s eyes; I knew looking into her eyes that there would be no time for showers or primping. The lust and desire that was pulling on my cock was also prying open her vagina. I knew that my cock was drooling and that most likely her pussy was weeping in equal measure. The desire that we both felt demanded immediate satisfaction; it was like a aggravating itch that screamed to be scratched.
    So our coats and dress and pants and shirt fell away leaving me naked and her in bra and panties. I imagined what her tits and pussy would look like and my fantasy reached a new high level of arousal that made chills run up my spine, my anus twitch and my erect cock lurch.
    Then I imagined turning down the bed and having her lay down on it as she looked up at me with those bewitchingly sexy green eyes. She unhooked her front clasp bra and revealed her lusciously soft tits to me; a long string of lusty drool hung from my cockhead in a vulgar display of my arousal. I didn’t care. I reached down and put one hand on the waist band of her panties at both hips and slid them down. She raised her derriere off the bed to facilitate her transition to total nakedness. I knelt on the bed gazing at this young beauty laying languidly before me offering her desire swollen pussy to me.
    She looked like a photo out of a fine art erotica book. Her creamy white skin was flawless and her tight sinuous figure belayed the fact that indeed she was the mother of two. I imagined that her pussy was indeed unshaven under her panties as I could see a fringe of hair. I imagined that the close cropped hair covered a plump vulva that was cleaved by lush pink dewy pussy lips. Her inner lips would be swollen with desire and they would protrude from her outer lips in aroused vulgar honesty. Her desire was boiling over and her pussy had swelled and opened boasting its need.
    I brought my hungry mouth to her juicy peach; my mouth was watering at the prospect of tasting her ripe sexuality. Holding her ass cheeks with both of my hands I drew her pussy lips to mine, as my tongue delved into the hot well of her passion to collect her sweet honey she shuddered . The taste of her pussy was different than J’s. There was a tangy citrus tartness to her that was tantalizing. The more I probed her opening and sucked in her nectar the more she made. I was drinking the profuse flow of this intoxicating cocktail that she exuded in response to my loving ministration.
    I savored the taste of her and I relished the trust she gave me. Parting her legs to shamelessly ask me to ravish her unwashed crotch and deliver profoundly intense erotic sensations into her gaping pussy mouth took a leap of trust infused with raging sexual need. The thought of her relinquishing any reservations she had and casting off any reluctance to revealing her intimate sexuality to me was not lost on me. The imagined surrender of her pussy to my mouth reached the core of my real life arousal and turned my already rigid cock to stone.
    I raised my face from her pussy and crept over her, hanging my stone hard dripping cock inches over her lust engorged pussy. A rivulet her own desire trickled from the lower edge of her pussy down towards her dark puckered asshole hole. I was poised for penetration.
    That was the last that I remembered of the fantasy as the long day finally caught up with me and robbed me of the pleasure of a fantasy fuck. Sleep claimed me cutting short my delightful fantasy and lowering me into a dream filling peace that would not release me. The next thing I knew it was 7 am.
    In the peaceful quiet this morning I savored the warmth of J quietly sleeping next to me. She is a profoundly feminine woman and her sexy karma permeates the bed we share. I relish this relaxed time lying with her in her semi nude state when we can cuddle; but I decided not to cuddle. So I gave in to it and rested there in that quiet sweet place between sleep and awareness. Despite the alluring warmth of J’s body my fantasy of the previous night with A still lingered. It made me aware of its presence by tugging at my semi rigid cock.
    As I said, my fantasies tend to linger. This morning thinking of A‘s pussy in my fantasy, engorged and open as it awaited the intrusion of my cock, made my asshole tingle and convulse. The tantalizing fingers of MMO were now parting my ass cheeks and were opening my asshole to invade me. They reached into me and teased the hypersensitive canal inside my anus, taunting me so they could work their erotic magic on me.
    I rolled onto my back and opened my legs and relaxed my anus. I then withdrew deep into my sexual psyche and sought out the frayed threads of the fantasy that sleep had made me abandon the night before. I collected them and recalled the bewitching sexuality of A’s pussy. I felt the warm pulse of orgasmic pleasure begin to well up deep in my asshole as my fantasy again appeared in my thoughts. From a diffuse sense of erotic warmth the pleasure organized itself to become glowing pulsing pulses deep in my anal canal. Each pulse radiated ripples of sexual bliss to my anus and cock.
    I envisioned the sensation of my big mushroom shaped cockhead parting the young pink petals of A’s pussy flower, as I pushed my shaft into the wet hungry well of her arousal. Once my cockhead was lodged in her pussy and her pussy mouth was stretched open around my shaft, her desire sucked the rest of my cock into her cunt and swallowed it whole. I slid into her effortlessly as the sweet caress of her vaginal canal held me and began to suck the desire from my balls.
    I felt my sexual energy collecting and concentrating in my anal canal as I imagined her pussy sucking it to draw it from me as if my passion was a milkshake that her pussy was gulping through my cock like it was a soda straw.
    The illusion of fantasy seemed to dissolve as my real life arousal in the bed took over. The wellspring of orgasm was indeed gathering deep in my anal canal. My prostate was trembling as the orgasmic tension was building inside it making it swell and harden in preparation for its orgasmic ordeal.
    With an image of A’s elegantly vulgar pussy mouth stretched open as she swallowed my cock to the hilt, I breathed into the orgasmic pressure that was almost driving me insane deep inside my anus. As I did, the orgasmic tension responded and burst free; wave after wave of orgasmic spasms began to pump inside of me. Pulsing rhythmically with the regular beat of a metronome, the kaleidoscope of colorful sexual sensation was revealed to my eyes and my senses.
    As the resonant ecstasy of orgasmic rapture took form and color in my mind the profound pulsing radiated across my body triggering the aftershocks of ecstasy on my nipples, cock and perineum. My body became an orgasmic earth quake, with relentless convulsive pleasure, orgasmic spasms shook my legs and made my cock lurch and jerk with each spasm. As I breathed my mind reached from under the heavy blanket of orgasmic pleasure to envision A’s tits and pussy expressing the rapture of being fucked by me.
    The thought of sexual intimacy in its vulgar elegance and a sexy young woman shamelessly revealing herself to me in sexual rapture only served to intensify my MMO in real life. The wave like contractions of orgasmic pleasure washed back and forth from my anus to my cock eliciting deliriously sweet spasms and sensations of deep euphoria as they did.
    From 7 am to 8 am I lay tempest tossed in my bad on my back as the sensual hand of lady MMO reached deep into my anal canal and with the hands of a talented milk maiden rhythmically milked the orgasmic pleasure from my prostate as her other hand reached into my brain and sought out thoughts of sexual rapture to savor them and let their creamy warmth trickle down through her parted fingers.
    At 8 am I dragged myself from the greedy embrace of MMO and took my slimy precum coated cock into the bathroom to get ready for the day.
    Sitting here writing this a half hour later, thoughts of A sitting across from me in the meeting yesterday still linger in my mind. I wonder what she was thinking when she looked at me and smiled towards the end of the meeting.
    The mystery of those alluring eyes will keep my fantasy clinging to my thoughts for weeks.

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