• Fantastic Session

    * Week of abstaining from anything erotic
    * Builds libido perfectly for a session
    * Sweet sensations, everything happens without any prompting
    * Clamping solidly, continuously
    * Allow breaks to naturally happen for around five minutes.
    * Sex is on fire.
    * I really hope the neighbours don't hear my moaning or humming.
    Now I'm into a good routine of sessions! Every five to eight days or so is when the libido builds up enough that my mind urges for some sexual activity. That's something of a sweet-spot for Aneros session — and it's relatively new, first uncovered early into the abstaining for a month. The big build-up of libido in question is likely from divorcing myself of anything erotic during one week, most of all nipple stimulation, which can quickly cause an orgasm to burst the bubble. (However, it's great before a session to get some momentum going)
    So basically, Aneros sessions of recent act as a valve to let off some sexual energy.
    Or frustration; last night had a scenario of stressing needlessly on whether to have a session, partly due to the awkward after-effects detailed at the end. Pleasure waves began making unprompted rounds that day – a sign of libido hitting its peak. At the same time, I was feeling oddly grumpy and fed up. That alone can often break sessions, resulting in delaying them by a day or two. But I went with it. Besides, the Progasm may cause problems like last time and the session is only an hour.
    Nope. Luckily the Progasm slipped in fine with virtually no pain. The time with it was…wow, better than ever. First session in a while where I legitimately felt like progress was made, even if 'progress' shouldn't be a part of my experience at this point. Sadly it's now difficult to explicitly clarify —what– was so good, other than your typical "REALLY GOOD and EVEN BETTER!!!" I guess the "daunting, looming, gargantuan build-up" I mentioned in late 2012 is now commonplace when using the Progasm; maybe it's not a build up like I initially thought, but rather an orgasm. There's this slight wave of faint nausea and adrenaline before the Progasm and body starts dancing; varying the breathing pattern pumps up the p-waves frantically. Often the orgasms would be so tense, I'd clamp vigorously and my ass would start pushing out the Aneros — then shoot it back in, hitting the prostate. Drop of precum would often appear. Moaning nowadays is impossible to hold back, give or take.
    The best part of the whole session (and those recently, too) is it all happens for me. I really don't have to do anything for the Aneros and body to start joining together and creating some high-octane magic. Again, the week abstaining is a key factor in all this.
    The only issue is that with these sessions, my arousal gets so crazy high that I desperately want some release; naturally the entire load is blown on masturbating for a Super-T. And this is a complicated, angst-y crossroad: If I ejaculate, I'll feel like complete crap, and briefly sink into self-loathing. Or I avoid this, just take out the Aneros and remain on edge and turn into an emotional see-saw.
    Both honestly have their pros and cons. Last night I just took out the Aneros, sternly avoiding a Super-T. I couldn't sleep much because (among other factors) my arousal was rocketing all over the place, even if I loved that feeling back in 2011. Even now, my knee is constantly shaking because my arousal is live-wired. My emotions are all over the place.
    But alas, I'd be complaining likewise if I ejaculated. I'd be all grumpy and upset on what a looser I am, and behave somewhat irrationally. The day would probably be spent rotting on my chair! It's a win-loose situation, and this its one of the reasons why I hesitate on an Aneros session.
    But whatever, amazing session, still glad I had one!

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