• Eyes rolling in the back of my head and staying with it

    Hey guys. I had a great session last night and well off into this morning. So I decided to sleep with my Progasm last night. I can get a few hours in with him when im in my room or when the parents are gone but he has been extra needy lately and wanted some extra alone time. Yes we have that bond lol. So I took me a shower and cleaned out and made it back to my room with a squeaky clean butt ready for fun.
    I had a jock strap cause I'm on another strike fro wet orgasms. It has been 5 days already and I wanted to stay strong. So I'm laying in bed with my jock strap on and I lube up my ass and the toy and I slide him in. I just laid there with the covers draped over and my ocean waves mp3 soothing me as I drift off to a sleeping slumber. As soon as I was about to doze off I got hit with a stream of waves through my spine making me arch in the bed. I began to stir and slight moans were escaping my mouth. I don't know If I was dreaming something up or was the ocean waves just sending me over but it felt great.
    I stayed with it. It was just a mini o but it was still powerful. A few more of those came alone and I just stirred in bed and just rode the waves that were being presented to me. Then minutes went bye. Calm seas are putting me back in my sleepy slumber. I turn on my side and WHAM. I begin to shake and gyrate all over the bed. The covers are moving and my body is moving all over the place. I'm trying not to let my moans burst out but it is feeling so good. So what I did was just calm my breathing down but that only just heightened it. I mean from the panting to the moaning and now my dick is leaking pre cum out of my jock strap onto y leg.
    My dick is rock hard and I feel myself orgasming so hard. But it wasn't a wet one. I ended up taking the jock strap off cause my dick needed to breathe and release those juices. Again & again & more juices and more orgasms. I mean I rode that that progasm til the wheels fell off. I finally got done at 4:30 this morning. I had to be up fro work at 8 am. But the funny thing is I wasn't even tired. I could have gone on for more but I had to rest. I mean I thought I had lost myself cause my back was arching and I was getting auto fucked hard and rough by some hard beefy guy in my mind and he was doing a good job. He had my toes curing and my eyes rolling around in my head. But still no cum. So yeah this morning was really fun. I like being rewired it adds to so much other stuff that can happen and that you can do.

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