• Extraordinary session with Traditional Aneros MGX!!!

    Hi guys,

    After an erotic night of off and on nipple diddling, my pump was primed for a session with my traditional Aneros MGX, perhaps my most favorite Aneros model, along with my traditional Aneros Helix and Program ICE right up there in satisfaction and sexual pleasure! First, I rode MGX for about fifteen minutes in the 7 o’clock hour near sunrise. However, I had a hankering to have an additional ride with MGX several hours later at 11:30 a.m. after arriving back from our neighborhood 7 Eleven with a delicious large cup of their mocha. My second session lasted a good twenty minutes. This time I concentrated on anal contractions and Kegels done in a leisurely, relaxed fashion. The Aneros Directions for Use recommends this approach. My prostate right now is exultant from this workout. It is purring in my Aless right now.

    However, now I reflect on my intimate nipple and prostate connection. Most of my life I did not realize that my nipples are a treasure trove of eroticism until the Aneros came into my life at age 62 when I began working with the Aneros. My nipples really came alive in the weeks and months after my breakthroughs in mid September 2016 when I experienced my first Super-O’s and MMO’s. In early January 2017, I suffered a hip injury which required that I live in a rehab facility about six weeks. Lack of privacy there denied me of autoeroticism and my Aneros sessions. It was there as I recuperated that I could experience sexual pleasure through diddling my nipples. When I finally returned home in mid March 2017, I now had the privacy to resume my Aneros sessions and nightly nipple diddling in bed.

    I am grateful that my health is robust and that my mind in engaged in various intellectual endeavors, such as foreign language translation projects. My apartment faces a central courtyard which provides quiet and darkness at night. That is when I diddle my nipples on and off most nights. Men do not have boobs or mammary glands that women do. But their nipples do become erect through sexual excitement. My nipples do become erect when I diddle them. They do resemble somewhat my erect, circumcised penis with my mushroom glans.

    I do have fairly hairy pecs which are still muscular in an aging male. My nipples are surround my fleshy aureoles. There are two basic nipple diddling stroke patterns I use: (1) Circular strokes around my nipples, and (2) back and forth strokes across my nipples. I generally use dainty, soft strokes. I have find that rough strokes tend to be counterproductive. I never had the desire to use metal clips or clothes pins on my nipples. Actually my awakening nipples in September 2016-March 2017 beckoned me to engage with my nipples in an erotic fashion. That is when I discovered within myself the intimate nipple and prostate connection.

    It has been described that the Aneros provides training wheels for achieving and experiencing Super-O’s and MMO’s, actually orgasms of many kinds. The Aneros Milestones as described in the Aneros Wiki that one can experience what I have described in the preceding sentence, but actually much, much more. You can experience orgasms on demand both during Aneros sessions and during Aless! Many guys over the years have experienced this. I am inspired even now with stories of guys achieving this. Yet, I am a guy who enjoys working with his Aneros models or tools even now, just for pleasure and fun, and the Aless following. Take care!

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      05/09/2021at5:09 pm

      Interesting to note that playing with nipples is so much fun. Have fun. Are they any special ways to excite the nipples. I am just Starting out so looking for some guidance. I am enjoying slowly touching it and I am newbie using helix trident syn. Take care.

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