• External prostate massge

    Hi guys,

    When I had those Aneros breakthroughs with Super O’s and MMO’s those couple days in the middle of September 2016, that is when I believe I became fully rewired by my nearly four years of Aneros sessions since early June 2013 when I used the Traditional Helix Syn for the first time.

    Since those magical nights in mid September 2016, my Aneros sessions became effortless and my nipples became alive for the pleasures of nipple diddling at any time of day or night, especially nights in bed.

    Those of you who have read my blog here know of my intense jock and cup fetish which began in earnest when my 7th grade gym coach told us boys we had to buy a jockstrap for gym class. It was a required part of our gym uniform. I wore my jockstrap with pride underneath my gym uniform and also for the erotic feel it gave my genitals. The summer after 10th grade, I summoned enough courage to get my first cup and jock. It was a Black & Bauer Procup with cup jock holder. The cup itself was a traditional flat cup which was not comfortable nor did it fit one’s genitals well. Athletes in many cases shunned flat cups as a result and thus risked unprotected genitals. This was in 1965.

    In the 1980’s, banana shaped athletic cups first appeared. They full depth and length of coverage to a guy’s genitals from his perineum to just beyond his Glans. Many guys such as myself exulted in the full coverage and comfort of the newer banana cups. The BIKE Athletic Company began marketing its BIKE banana cup with accompany jock. It felt even then that is cup and jock was not only giving me protective comfort and support and even was massaging my prostate though I did not know it at that time.

    Now that I am fully rewired by Aneros, I really enjoying wearing this jock and cup to bed many nights. I first “dressing” my circumcised cock in four cellophane wrappers. My cock shaft and Glans enjoy the feel of the cellophane, but the erotic feel is directed to the root of my cock, that sweet spot very close to my prostate and perineum. That is when my prostate is massaged external, so sweet and powerful. In the morning, when I remove my jock and banana cup along with the cellophane wrappers, my prostate feels like it has had an external prostate massage and workout. I feel ready for the day after showering, shaving, and dressing.

    Unfortunately the BIKE banana cup was manufactured for about three years, 1986-89. BIKE Athletic upgraded that cup in models which I did not try. The BIKE banana cup was an one-of-a-kind cup for both protection, comfort, and mobility. I didn’t need to use BIKE’s later models because I had bought this original BIKE banana cup with its accompanying in bulk. I love this product even still.

    Shock Doctor as an athletic goods company came into existence in the mid 1980’s. It began marketing its ultra carbon flex cup with its accompanying jock. It is still made and remains a hit with athletes here in the USA, at least.

    I give you a link to its image: https://www.shockdoctor.com/products/ultra-pro-carbon-flex-cup?variant=14354337202229

    Hope you can view it. @goldenboy raved about this cup and jock, and wore it bed often. I believe it provides good external prostate massage.

    Take care.

    Take care!


    • Ggringo

      02/12/2020at5:37 pm

      Hi @BigGlancDC
      Any idea what happened to @Goldenboy?

    • Avatar for fred27


      02/13/2020at7:35 am

      Always enjoy reading your posts! Took me between three and four years as well to really experience true relaxation which opens the door to total pleasure. When I am totally relaxed every twinge and tingle leads to more intense pleasure as well as MMO! There is no feeling like it in the world and it only ends when you want it to end. Have also noticed I am able to insert larger diameter toys comfortably as well – 2” + is now possible although I enjoy smaller!

    • Avatar for Turnrow


      02/13/2020at3:48 pm

      DC Big Boy: Thanks for sharing your life with us. As far as cellophane wrap, are you talking about Saran wrap or something like that product torn into sheets where you actually wrap your dick? What would be the benefit if you know of wrapping your balls too with cellophane? Inquiring minds want to know and maybe even experience what you and Goldenboy touted as divine orgasmic heaven while sleeping in our jockstraps and cups. We have lost a real adventurer with Goldenboy’s exit. He was a connoisseur of all things orgasmic pleasure.

      So good to have this forum back up and running and see the posts here.


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