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    While I do enjoy sessions with either my MGX or Progasm fairly often, in between these sessions I enjoy aless sessions – so convenient. I suffer from allergies quite often, and thus need to take simple over the counter allergy medication quite often. You will note if you read the fine print, they caution about consulting a doctor if you have an enlarged prostate. Well, I noticed many years ago that these same medications have certain side-effects on me – primarily a degree of erectile dysfunction and sensitization of the prostate gland. When I do need to take this medication I have long ago learned – when life hands you lemons, make lemonade 🙂
    Simply put, aless sessions come very easily when I’m on the medication and the sensations are exquisite. There is no prep or cleanup required, no post session soreness that might happen, and no embarrassing erection if I have to get up and answer the door or that type of thing.
    As well, I never have to worry about accidently ejaculating. Just lots of dry orgasms with nothing more than moderate precum.
    If I have not recently ejaculated, it is quite common for me to experience a wet dream – either that night or the next night, if I don’t stay on the medication.
    Hours of pleasure to indulge in my homoerotic fantasies and enjoy wave after wave of orgasm.


    • Avatar for ReWire


      03/24/2017at7:39 am

      Wow, can you share the name of the allergy med that you take? Also, is there anybody else on here that have found the same side benefit of an allergy medication or any other kind of med besides MJ?

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      05/08/2017at4:43 am

      Interesting. So how do you position your body to create these aless sessions?

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