• Exploring further

    Woke up and had another aneros free orgasm, didn't last long, nothing special this time although having said that it was as mind blowing as every one I have had so far.
    Sitting at the computer I managed to have yet another (again without the aneros) which lasted about 15 minutes.
    I keep getting all sorts of tingling sensations around my body now, and quite often I suddenly feel as if I am going to orgasm without any warning. I had a small one whilst standing in the kitchen unpacking the shopping. Couldn't let it go very far though as my wife was talking to me at the time.
    I took my eldest child to a gymastics competions and thought why don't I try getting an orgasm somewhere else in my body and managed a lower abdominal orgasm. I had to work hard to stop it spreading to my prostate as I could have easily had a full blown prostate orgasm. As I was sitting in a row of other parents I had to stay totally relaxed and just enjoy the sensation and really control it. It wasn't as intense as a prostate orgasm but it was a new experience and something I am going to experiment with.
    Shortly after the abdominal orgasm settled I suddenly noticed a tingling in my mouth. By adjusting my breathing I managed to amplify it slightly, I wonder if it's possible to have a mouth orgasm? I think almost anything is possible now.
    I planned to have another aneros session after my wife went to bed. I was expecting great things, found it difficult to get to orgasm and it fizzled out quite fast. I was certainly expecting too much and the moment the orgasm kicked off I couldn't help thinking about nothing except trying to 'make' it really good, also I was lying on the lounge floor which wasn't comfortable.
    Determined to try again I got to pre-orgasmic state again and again but just couldn't get through and became really frustrated. I felt like a drug addict desperate for another fix. Eventually I gave up feeling as if it was never going to happen again. I went to bed and tried for an orgasm without the aneros, again nothing happened. I gave up. It really did feel like the end of the world after managing to have orgasms so easily in the last week I can't describe how disappointed I was.

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