• Experiences

    After I got the Helix Syn early this year, I thought I would share my experiences with you.
    I was lucky to experience what I believe to be P-waves )or even a mini-O?( when I had only my second aneros session. I had recently discovered a video which catered to my fetish and what I did – well, I simply tried to imagine being one of the actors. With sufficient practice, you can actually convince yourself to experience the same feelings. The feeling of having the pleasure expand from my navel and wash over my whole body was amazing. I later also discovered a wet-looking spot on my sheets but I couldn't remember cumming, so that was quite some precum there.
    However, as I see it, this was a mini-O brought about by concentration and especially through the help of media )porn(. Watching it, I assumed the same positions as shown in the video and my power self )"subconscious( actually produced the contractions to mimic the sensations felt in the video.
    The ~10 sessions since then I haven't had the same sensations but the last few times I focused on relaxation )once with audio, and just yesteday without anything(. I found that a very relaxed state really helps to promote quite strong involuntary contractions, and it is really important for me to "let go" and assume an "observer" state – just feeling the sensations as they come, without chasing or judging, but simply appreciating them. Rhythmic breathing helps – I think it's quite important to remind oneself just to keep breathing, no matter what happens in life :-(. Stopping breathing is often in anticipation of something or a fear-based response, but reassuring myself that the right feelings will come at the right time, it is easier to let go and just keep breathing.
    Since I wasn't happy with using glycerine-based lube or anything problematic for that matter, I just switched to coconut oil. While it is not as slippery, if applied liberally internally and on the aneros, it seems to do the job. I find that, given a soft surface )such as a towel( and enough relaxation it is no problem to actually sit on it( probably since this is the helix syn, a small and silicone-covered model). I also slept with it and had no problem.
    In between, I have had some nice traditional orgasms as I used the syn and a cockring while jerking off and watching videos.
    As I now made a point of not cumming while using the syn, I only touch my cock very little and find that using it actually has a pacifying effect on my horniness. I am also doing some Universal Tao breathing exercices )just starting out( and I don't feel like the energy is pent up.
    On a last note, I would like to mention that I have realised cultivating sexual energy )such as whith the aneros( is actually a very fundamental act. Sexual energy is the generative force – it is the excess energy we have to create in this world, and learning to cultivate, harness and direct this energy may have the most profound consequences in awakening the nature of creator-consciousness.
    If you're interested in discussing any of these points )the spiritual ones go much deeper of course(, feel free to comment or send me a message! :-(

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