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    I have been guilted for years that a single guy is never to relieve himself, meanwhile I have experienced days where I could hardly pee due to, what I am assuming is BPH. For years, I ejaculated after having lengthy masturbation sessions looking at sinful websites. I have used the helix syn twice now. The first time for only an hour and no results, the second time a couple hours and a roaring ejaculation when I masturbated afterwards. My symptoms are always relieved after masturbation and I refuse to use porn now. With the helix, I was able to ejaculate successfully with a large load, clearing the prostate, and being relieved of symptoms. I don’t consider it sinful to use proper means to relieve, what could turn into something very dangerous, with a proper medical device.


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      12/30/2016at7:04 pm

      I’ll chime in with my thoughts that the act of prostate massage or masturbation is not sinful. Provided that you stay away from porn and keep fantasies “G-rated” you need not feel guilty.
      God gave us this gift of sexuality and a sex drive. He did not give us an “on / off” switch. Not everyone can be married, not everyone who is married has regular access to sex.
      God Bless and Happy New Year!

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      01/04/2017at3:51 pm

      Since I’ve started Anerosing, I rarely view porn anymore. I don’t even miss it.

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      01/26/2017at2:03 pm

      I just started my journey with an MGX this week. I’m on a medication that caused loss of sensitivity. Porn helped, but hurt my soul and made me feel terribly guilty afterwards. The MGX has yeilded incredible orgasms with masturbation and some extended p-waves without masterbation. I struggle with the SE thoughts as the OP. Since its brought my wife and I closer and ended my dependency on porn to ejaculate, I can’t see where that is a bad thing.

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      08/02/2017at7:34 pm

      Added a Eupho Syn and Progasm Ice to my list. The Ice is simply too large right now and bothersome to even stay in. The Eupho Syn literally dances while inserted and causes more sensations than the Helix Syn. While I have yet to experience an “O” without masturbating, I think the Aneros is working to keep the male ejaculatory and prostate system in proper order, which is what it was meant to do.

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