• Expanding the Envelope

    [Didn't proff read this…] Had a 3 hour A–Less session last night. Then when I woke up this morning, my prostate was so hot yet that I just played with one nipple and went right into a Dry–O. So I kept it up for another hour this morning.
    Highlights: All of the following happened AFTER my prostate was so hot that just about any groin move would cause pwaves and or prostate pleasure. And seemed like the prostate was engorged because I could always seem to feel pressure down there. In the morning, my prostate was still in this condition.
    Also, FYI I kept checking my scrotum when I was using penis stimulation, and if it started turtling or the balls started pulling up, I backed off so I wouldn't build up to ejaculation or blue-balls.
    So, Last night, I tried to progressively stimulate more of the glans, and by the end of the evening, found I could rub and touch all of the glans and the sides of the penis without turtling my balls. Grabbed it and rubbed it and handled it a lot. The only think I stayed away from is rubbing the frenulum since that caused pwaves that seemed close to jerking off for ejaculation. In the morning session though, I did try that a little and it's 50/50 in my mind whether I'll ever rewire the frenulum to the prostate instead of to eventual ejaculation… The jury's still out!
    Noticed quite a different feeling between stimulating the penis and the nipples. Seems like the nip stim feels lighter and is more effective in stimulating orgasms, but this is just initial feelings. It's sort of like gasoline rather than diesel. Penis stim is more like diesel, and it gives a LOT stronger prostate stimulation. Maybe my thoughts will change as time goes by…
    I found a new way to keep an orgasm going last night. When I'm stimulating the glans, I can push my penis down )usually have a hard erection during this, but sometimes not( on top of my scrotum, and use the penis to push the scrotum down between my legs. Very intense pleasure from that combination.
    Also think I had two Super–O's while nipple and penis stimming. Still not sure but my whole body seemed to be involved lightly with a feeling of like wellness or peace… Anyway, whatever it was happened twice.
    So finally got tired and it was 3:30 am and I was drenched in sweat, so I cooled off took a leak, then lightly massaged my balls and fell off to sleep.
    In the morning, it just seemed like I just continued where I left off last night.
    I had a rolling orgasm going on my side on the bed, but I didn't have to focus really hard to keep it going, so decided to try getting out of bed and see if it would continue. And it did! Had orgasms standing and kneeling and then tried crouching.
    Then I put my one heel under my perineum and sat on it and rubbed my perineum on my heel while stimulating nipple and penis… Had some very strong orgasm pleasure.
    Another great position was on my side in bed, I put my body in an arc with my groin pressing forward as far as my leg muscles could go, and my legs and head backwards. Was just using nipple stimulation at the time. Very intense orgasm action.
    At one point I just remember a series of strong slow PC contractions just like I was pumping semen out after exploding from an ejaculation, but of course with no semen. Felt in every way like an ejaculation except for the semen. Really enjoyable, plus NO Cleanup in isle 5!
    Only reason I stopped later was that I felt like I'd had this great gym session, and I and my prostate, junk, groin, and ab muscles were just totally exercised, tired and done!
    I did realize one thing strongly near the end. There wasn't any "completion" feeling in all this like there would be after an ejaculation. It's like you can go on forever, other than getting exhausted, but where are you going?
    I can see how having an ejaculation with a wife has a lot to offer, especially after having a session)s( of MMOs )hers and mine( together for a couple hours %-( … That ejaculation feeling of "we're done" is great too I think.
    Well, since I'm only into MMO at this point in my life, seems like I will have to adjust my MMO enjoyment in light of not having that completed feeling. Hopefully it's possible to replace the desire for ejaculation with just an enjoyment of the "good exercise but done" feeling.
    Hmmm. still pleasurably prostate horney as I write this… :-( I have to go bust some rock later, & wonder if I can D.O. while busting rock ??!!! :-(
    Come on, give it up dude!!!….

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