• Exciting progress!

    The last few days were not achieving much. A few little buzzes but nothing at all like I’d been experiencing last weekend. So I went back to then and determined what had worked and also did some more reading. In the Archives, Rumel had a post called Instructions. After reading it thoroughly, I realized I was getting in too much of a hurry. And after posting a question about my Progasm popping out, BigGlansDC reminded me that I have to keep working on the kegels. So I did my usual routine and got into bed did 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises. Before I was finished, I had become used to the Progasm being in place and could no longer feel it being there. Then I started about 20-30 anal contractions as per the instructions. And then, onto the next stage of doing hard deep contractions and holding them through several breaths, until my pelvis and upper legs started to shake. I did at least 30 of these and then began to relax, but remembering what BigGlansDC had said about kegels, I remembered to keep a little contraction going, just enough to hold the Progasm in. As I do more kegels through the day, every day, I’m hoping to get to the point where I don’t even realize that I’m doing a small contraction to hold it in place. When I get to that point, I’ll be able to take that focus away and give it to my prostate sensations.
    Well, wow! It wasn’t long before I could feel contractions happening all on their own! This peristalsis was rocking that Progasm all by itself, leaving me with nothing to do but face and embrace the oncoming wave.
    I could feel a wave of energy emanating from my prostate/pelvis upwards through my abdomen. My package felt felt like it was wet, and indeed, I could feel true wet coming from the tip of my penis. As I relaxed even more, I forced myself to keep breathing, and ended up panting. As the wave moved through my chest, I could feel another wave starting in my head. When it was pretty much all consuming, I lost sense of everything around me. My eyelids were flickering. I could hear the inside of my mouth making a sound like pop rocks fizzing, but without the taste or feeling. My head felt like it was turning to see things around me, but my head wasn’t moving and my eyes weren’t seeing. This went for at least 2 minutes. When it began to ease, I refocused my mind, so to speak, on my prostate and I could feel the wave coming again. Again with the wetness, both real and imagined. Again with everything. This happened 4 times in total, and then 2 or 3 times to a lesser degree. After about 5 minutes, I started contractions again, and again I felt it start up. I did this cycle about 3 times, and although the second and third cycles were good, they weren’t quite as good as the first.
    I found that inhaling in deep in the abdomen, and finishing my exhale quickly would start the wave and then I could focus on it and where it was coming from. Almost like pulling something that was already moving.
    I had promised myself last week that I would let today be my day to have a T.O., but I’m not sure if want to do that. Although I do get horny again pretty quickly afterwards. Part of me wants to keep this up. I’ll have another session tonight and see what I feel like. Then I may hold off a few days until my Helix Syn finally arrives.

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