• Even experienced Aneros users enjoy doing the Kegels!

    Hi guys,

    Last night I had an exceptional erotic diddling session which lasted off and on the whole night until it was time to rise and get ready for the day.

    Through my nipple diddling I caused one SO after another in a series of SO’s which made me so good right now at the composition of this blog entry!

    The first few SO’s caused me to rise just after midnight, go to my bathroom where I pissed mightily. Then I dressed my cock in cellophane before donning my trusty BIKE banana cup and jock. I rode my jock and cup in bed for an hour or so in bed before returning to my bathroom where I replaced my jock and cup for a pair of Jockey pouch briefs.

    Then I returned to bed to diddle some more where I enjoyed more series of SO’s until 5 a.m. As I said in my most recent blog entry yesterday, my SO edging practice is sustained by the Kegel Exercises. Even experienced Aneros users who enjoy SO’s and MMO’s also enjoy doing the Kegel Exercises.

    I end this portion of my blog entry by presenting my Kegel Exercise regimen which I composed in mid Augst 2016 which propelled me to my SO and MMO breakthroughs a month later in mid September 2016:





    I was a member of an online masturbation group for a year or so in 2011-2012. I met a guy there who was a proficient user of the Aneros who interested me in getting my first Aneros tools. That was in October 2011. He advised me to begin doing the Kegel Exercises as a preparation for using the Aneros. In late December of that year, I purchased the traditional models of Helix, Maximus, and Progasm. In early March 2012, I purchased the traditional Helix Syn where it came out on the market. I discovered that the Kegel Exercises work hand-in-hand with the Aneros when I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn in early June 2012.

    The Kegel Exercises are effective both in Aneros sessions and Aless. The Kegels are also effective anytime of the day as I found out once again earlier this morning when I got my morning coffee and danish from my neighborhood 7 Eleven. I was super horny then after my sustained erotic episode last night.

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