• Euphos back! Just like that!

    Ok so if you have been following my blog lately you would know My helix has been working well but the eupho has been almost doing nothing for me.
    Last night I decided to sleep with miss eupho all night.
    Now I cant remember how good a session I had before I went to sleep but I suspect it was below average because I cant remember.Asleep by 1:30am ish.
    Woke at 3am. I was not feeling sleepy either?
    The eupho was feeling numb. Not a good start but I must of awoken for some reason…
    The eupho was twitching only slightly but I did not feel much because I was numb down there.
    I touched my cock and soon I could not resist touching and caressing it.
    I almost brought myself to the brink a few times but did not go past the point of return.
    Then I noticed that the aneros was twitch a lot more because of the penis stimulation.
    I let go of my shaft and let things settle.
    It went all quiet for a minute and then things picked up. The aneros started floating in my anal canal and slip sliding around and the pleasure was great.
    It kept going and increasing and I could feel myself going higher and higher. Closer and closer to dry Os.
    I got there and had numerous dry Os then everything would go quite and then start again.
    I lost count but the last three sets of these waves of dry Os went beyond dry Os.
    I mean the dry Os would stop but the build up kept going higher and when I though it would not go higher it still did.
    I noticed that my I was on my side but my legs were ina position like I would be if sitting in a chair.
    The strange thing that I felt was that my hips and thighs felt numb and as if they where locked in place.
    The aneros just slammed away past dry Os and up to a pinnacle.
    The problem was when I got to the pinnacle of these build ups there was no release or orgasm it was just the same feeling of getting up there but in reverse back down past dry Os to nothing and then It would start again.
    Anyway I rode these orgasms until 5:30am at which time I removed the eupho and went to sleep straight away until 8:30am.
    I woke feeling ok not very tired.
    On reflecting what a beautiful early morning session and I learned a new way to wake things up with cock play.
    I used nipple stimulation all the way through and could feel the sensations on my nipples doing the same thing to my balls. Its magical.
    Glad Miss eupho is not broken coz she really is special when she works.

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