• Eupho Syntillations Throughout All Dimensions of ALL

    Eupho Syn is the most amazing Aneros model yet, given my earlier extraordinarily exceptional experiences with the Eupho Classic!!!
    In solo sessions E-Syn feels so delicate soft and gentle, moving in small changes over and around my prostate area, and so compellingly sensual as it roves, that it feels like Shakespeare writing sonnets on my prostate; Leonardo drawing my prostate exquisitely on my prostate, mapping the circuits of universal ecstasies all over and outward from my prostate, out to encompass and reintegrate with all, ALL! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The added subtleties of E-Syn do the impossible and outdo the fantastic powers of E-Classic!!!
    And then, this morning, my dear wife and I decide we will take the morning so the morning may take us!! hhhhmmmmmmmm She very much likes the effects when I am riding any of my favourite Aneros models and she feels some of the effects I feel, transmitted through me to her!! This morning, for the first time, it is Eupho Syn!!
    We followed our favourite trail through oral play through multiple dry, still and ACTIVE body OOOSSssssss mmmmmm and then into scissors position and p/v intercourse with the Slow Sex, bio-electric rhythms of thrusting and stillness alternations, E-Syn moving with the thrusts and pumping me like the most sensitive glorious fingering!~~!~~!~!~!~!~~~!~!……
    In the still periods the energies networking between us is building BUILDING and we are soon pouring energies back and forth, flowing between and throughout both of our whole pelvic basins~~!!~~~~!!~!!!~~!!~!!~!!~!~!@!@!@!!!!!!
    E-Syn is writing feverishly all over and around my prostate region uhnnuhnnnuhnnnuhnnnmmmmmmmm through these still periods of high energies times, fuelling my adding to these energies!!!! Key Soundings open both our internal channels and connection points ever further!!!!!@@!!@@!!!!@@@!!@@@!!!!!!!
    All these variations playing playing PLAYING!!!! and the sharing of it ALL running all through us together and contacting at many contact points all over MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMnnnnnnMMMMMMMOOOO!!!!!!
    much more to this!!!…… cannot sing the praises of Eupho Syn higher ASTOUNDING COUPLES ENERGIES CREATOR CONNECTOR

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