• Eupho Syn: Sweet Delicate Autof**k Action

    Hi guys,
    Several weeks ago in the days leading up to the Fourth of July, my Eupho Syn arrived in the mail, but it sat unused until sometime last week. The Eupho Syn is a silicone variation of the older Eupho Classic. Both these Aneros models have a long slender stem with a smallish head. Their shape make for easy insertion.
    I have gotten far enough in my Aneros sessions that I do not have to do the long Kegels that I used for so long since I began Anerosing in early June 2012. Just thinking about my Aneros team and an approaching session is enough for me to get sexually aroused. In fact, typing this blog entry makes me real horny :-(
    So last Friday, I inserted my new Eupho Syn for the very first time. It took to my anal canal and musculature, and my prostate like a duck to water. My prostate was thrilled to meet this newest member of my Aneros team.
    These days I use the following order of Aneros models:
    Eupho Syn — Progasm Junior — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — DeVice — Progasm Classic — Progasm Black Ice.
    You will notice a sandwiching of models in terms of their texture, mostly in soft vs. hard action, and in sleek vs. robust action.
    Eupho Syn, Progasm Junior, and Helix Syn are the smaller models. So these days I use Eupho Syn to open my sessions. He warms me up for Progasm Junior which really goes to town on me. Helix Syn continues with his soft, yet robust action.
    Progasm Ice is a sleek, big boy who gets me ready for the girth of DeVice who really fills me up with his silicone body. Big bruiser Progasm Classic arrives to love my prostate and anal musculature up in grand fashion. Progasm Black Ice then closes out my sessions with his big, yet sleek autof**k action.
    It is really wonderful now in all my sessions for me to only relax and let each model on my Aneros team work on me through autof**k action. I have discovered recently that the shallowest of breaths coupled with caressing of my erogenous zones really fuel the Aneros autof**k. I just let go and go with the autof**k. The result is tons of pleasure and fun, and an afterglow of satisfaction which sticks with me in the hours or day)s( leading up to my next session.
    The above section was composed during the third week of July. But for the last several sessions recently, I have varied the above order of Aneros models in this wise:
    Eupho Syn — Progasm Junior — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — DeVice — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice — Progasm Classic.
    It seems that the Eupho Syn, Progasm Junior, and Helix Syn belong together and were made for each other. When I slip in Eupho Syn, he inserts so easily. Actually he is "sucked" into my anal canal )mancunt( and heads straight to my prostate. Now it seems that I have to do little or hardly nothing. He knows now exactly what to do when giving me pleasure! Sweet autof**k action ensues with the slightest stimulation of my nipples, manly hairy breasts and chest, abs, pubes, and thighs, all with the shallowest of breaths. It is all just very sweet!!!
    The same thing with Progasm Junior. He is sucked in as well! Progasm Junior really goes to town with me and really works over my anal musculature and prostate. With this guy, I enter the bliss of the Aneros autof**k!!!
    It is absolutely amazing since early June during which I observed my first Aneros anniversary that I have rediscovered new the Helix Syn, but this time in all the subtlety of Anerosing. I revel in the silicone sleekness of the Helix Syn as he works over fully my prostate with such gentleness and sweetness.
    Progasm Ice and DeVice I have found in recent sessions seem to belong together as a pair. I just adore the sturdy girth, yet sleek autof**k action of Progasm Ice followed by the silicone girth of DeVice. Wow!
    You would think that Maximus following Progasm Ice and DeVice would be anticlimactic, but no! The "rugged" shape of Maximus adds his own spice to my Aneros autof**k. Boy, I am still f**ked by my Aneros Maximus! He still works me over in ways that amaze me. I keep coming back for more with Maximus! However it would be great if Aneros Co. could come out with Maximus Syn and a Maximus Ice models for variety! These proposed models would be so hot!
    Finally these days I conclude my sessions with Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic. I look upon the sleekness of Progasm Black Ice as a breather, actually as a prelude to a majestic finale with Progasm Classic which does not cease to amaze me with his big bruiser, autof**k action. Progasm Classic really wants to take me all the way in what Anerosing is all about!
    Take care!

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      08/26/2013at4:27 pm

      Sounds like you have it going your way.Great story.
      I agree with you on the Maximus,it will really work you over.I was on my knees yesterday with arms on the floor and it really went into auto mode,pounding me like crazy.A much under rated tool in the Aneros line.I also hope they come out with a Max Syn soon.

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