• Eupho all night orgie!

    First off I have had a few sessions. I think my helix is jinxed. Every time I start and just am geting into it I get interrupted by someone. Grrrrrrrrrrr!
    Eupho well what can I say! Have you ever had a fantasy about fucking all night long till the sun rises.
    I have but although I have a loving wife circumstance are that it would never happen and I can not do all the hard work all night either.
    However I have had my fantasy for filled in a some what a different way but sill breathtaking.
    I inserted the eupho at 10:30pm and within the first 15 minutes Things were different.
    The eupho was dancing, It was auto fucking me. It was not just going in and out but felt more like in a circle motion helped along by my muscles.My pc & sphincter were all working in time to make this happen.
    I was sqirming but had to keep quite so not to wake my wife in the next room.
    I did not stop altough I lost count of time I never actually went off to sleep except for once for a hour at about 3am to 4 and of course woke with orgasm.
    This went on all night until at 7am I could not go on any longer! My sphincter was worn out but not really sore but was getting there but O was oh so tired.
    I removed it reluctantly and fell asleep and woke at 1 pm in the arvo. Now that was a night to remember.
    My prostate has got all excited just writing about it and it is two days later.
    I am looking forward to more autofuck action with passion.

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