• Eupho again

    Well after a nice chrismas lunch and a sleep I watched tv and then it was time for bed again.
    Early night and in with miss eupho.
    I have to admit I was not realy ready for bed but the wife wanted to sleep so I had no choice as she sleeps in the lounge area where the tv is.
    While watching reruns of StarTrek on the laptop the eupho massaged me quite vigorously. So much so that when it was time to sleep I was so horny I had to finish with a super T. This resulted in the aneros popping out by itself.
    I went of to sleep and had a great sleep very satisfied.
    TRhis morning I woke real late and my ass was very hungry again.
    I resisted all morning as I have been getting a little sore lately.
    My prostate said fine stuff you and went on its own quest and I really had a good anerosless session for hours on end.
    When I did check I have actually been leaking precum during this long session too.
    I dont get quite to a dry o but think I have a few mini Os.
    Anyway its almost 2pm and the session is going to continue all day I am sure. Now my penis hole is hurting.
    Now that I look back while I was at the relatives place having lunch this is the first time in a long time that I have not felt a party going on in my pants for hours on end.
    As good as it is it was nice for a change. Maybe I need to get out more!

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