• Erotic night of diddling & MGX Classic ride, December 19

    Hi guys,

    Friday night I retired early as I do now on these long winter nights. Off and on throughout the night I enjoyed diddling my nipples as I reflected on questions posed by @Poseidon on nipple diddling techniques, etc. The short answer to such questions is that there are basic nipple diddling motions you can perform: (1) Circular motions on the fleshy aureoles surrounding the nipples. These motions may be light and dainty or rough and aggressive. (2) Diddling the nipples in circular fashion themselves. (3) Strumming the nipples back and forth using either light and dainty or rough and aggressive strokes. The nipples through such play will awaken of their accord. Just be patient and have fun. Nipple diddling will certainly be felt in your genitals, e.g. the perineum, at the base of your scrotum, cock root, cock shaft, and various parts of your Glans, not the least nipple diddling being felt in various parts of your prostate. It is so sweet and powerful and full of fun! That is why night time is a very special time for me, hours of leisurely exploration during long winter nights!

    @goldenboy, who was a very prolific Aneros blogger, how I miss his blog posts and insights, spoke much about the PONR, the sexual point-of-no-return, which all boys discover when they masturbate, or which guys seek to harness when they have sex. As an experienced Aneros rider and nipple diddler, the PONR for me a beautiful temple of male sexuality. During many long nights, I enjoy long dalliances at the PONR temple, and when I do go all the way, the sex is so sweet and powerful!

    The MGX Classic which I rode at sunrise this morning is one of the original Aneros models. It has a ribbed stem designed to massage the anal canal. While I diddled my nipples somewhat, I just let the MGX work on me of its own accord. As always, I was awarded sweet and powerful Aless which I am now savoring. Take care!

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