• Erotic chastity & the eroticism of athletic or chastity cups ; taking a short break from Aneros :-(

    Hi guys,

    Many of us, including myself, are greatly indebted to @goldenboy’s extremely prolific blog on the subjects of chastity and chastity cups. He is a real inspiration to many of us in the Aneros community in the discipline of semen retention through the practice of chastity which is known by some as sexual continence.

    I have achieved several times the 21 Day Challenge of Semen Retention. In this time go around, I have surpassed this challenge at least a month or more. While the urge to masturbate is still a great challenge, I have no desire at this point. But now that I have surpassed the latest challenge with no desire to stop, I am discovering the sheer erotic pleasure of not wanting to beat my meat, yet. There are truly great benefits found in chastity.

    Yet, since puberty when I discovered the existence of jockstraps and athletic cups in sporting goods stores, even men’s clothing stores as well from the mail order catalogs as Sears and Montgomery-Wards, they have been to me articles invested with a powerful erotic charge. This was in 1960 at a small city in Northwestern Connecticut.

    Men and boys have worn athletic cups for contact sports since the turn of the early twentieth century. However athletic cups until the 1980’s fit poorly and were uncomfortable to wear. Now go to a MLB ball park and you will see baseball players with huge cup bulges, bordering of the obscene. The players with such do not mind the sight they produce. They are just glad that their genitals are being protected. Perhaps some players appreciate a good athletic cup produces, but their erotic feel. For me, such sights are very delicious eye candy.

    I hope you do not see me as a nut on the above mentioned subjects.

    Now for a change of subject. I suffered a severe right hip injury which required at a rehab facility for the first two and half months of 2017. Fortunately the injury has mostly healed. But the last week or so, my right hip has acted up from the arrival summer heat and humidity. So I have had to not use Aneros for first part of this week. Take care.


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      06/18/2018at7:40 am

      @BigGlansDC For me, the spectre of blue-balls has always stopped my SR goals. This time around, I managed to “hit” Day 10 and I feel I can still keep going! I have been milking my prostate fairly regularly this time around, this morning with Helix-T. So I’ll see how far I can progress. I can keep that urge to masturbate at bay, as long as I can rely on my trusty “chastity cups”!

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      06/18/2018at8:17 am

      @BigGlansDC Our male genitals are delicate and most athletes (and even law enforcement) know what it takes to protect them! If you’ve ever been kicked in the balls: more than “ouch!” —-a very painful “F**K!” The cups may be sexual objects to some of us (you and me included), but they always serve a primary goal to protect us!

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      06/18/2018at9:24 pm

      @BigGlansDC. Hey, sorry to read that injury is keeping you out of action just now. Wishing you a speedy recovery, in the meantime, take care!

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      06/19/2018at1:37 pm

      @Harper, Thank you for your concern about my hip. This morning I had a great session with Progasm Junior and Progasm Classic which was robust. It took away the ache! 🙂

      @goldboy, men who see a buddy of theirs hit in the nuts will unconsciously cover their privates. This kind of behavior happens mostly at baseball games when an errant baseball hits a player’s testicles unprotected by a cup. Fellow players and male fans will shield their genitals unconsciously with their hands out of sympathy and horror!

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