• Epic Sessions

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    Like many of you out there I’m on lockdown, lots of time on my hands with not a huge amount to do, the result of this ‘bonus-time’ lots of honing my Aneros skills.

    In my previous posts I’ve mentioned I’d recently added two new models to my repertoire, the Eupho Syn Trident and Helix Syn Trident. My thoughts on the HST can be found on my previous posts, I said I’d get back to you on how I was getting on with the EST.

    I’ve had four or five session with it to date and the initial signs are extremely positive, yesterday’s session was particularly memorable!

    Started off with a douche, shower and fifteen minutes of relaxation breathing exercises. Internal pre-lube of my ass with KY and then a coating of Vaseline and inserted the EST, then do nothing, and I mean nothing. I can feel a gentle nudging of the devise on my prostate but only the mildest of pressure. I start to watch some erotica to get me in the mood and to take my mind away from any distracting thoughts.

    I’m doing nothing, no squeezing, no pushing, NOTHING!

    Fast forward 30-40 minuets and I’m experiencing single and unexpected spasms, instantly followed by what I can only describe as an electric shock, this radiates up my body all the way to the top of my head, they become stronger and more frequent. The area around my pelvis starts glowing (not literally!) from deep within a warmth is building, my legs and lower torso are gently quivering. It’s a wonderful sensation.

    The intensity of the glow, quivers and shuddering grows, by now I can feel the devise working its magic on my prostate, the sensations are intensifying.

    I can’t reiterate this enough, I’m still doing nothing, the aeros is doing all the work, I’m just relaxing and just going with the flow, floating on the sensations.

    As the sensations grow my body feels like its in a constant state of orgasm, wave over wave of pleasure crashes over me, the waves last for minuets not seconds and just keep coming (pardon the pun). Im now grunting, noises I’ve never made before, or would ever want to make in public, it’s animalistic. I find it kind of erotic and encourages me to keep going, my mind is totally and utterly focused on the sensations, when i close my eyes I see highly erotic images of previous encounters, of sexual dalliances with girlfriends of old, images that must be etched deep in my consciousness. I close my eyes and feel like I’m falling backwards, falling into an abyss.

    As previously stated by yours truly, you’ll know when you’re experiencing a Super-O, during this two hour session I had three back to back.

    Some of you have said that this is the start of the good stuff, and I have to agree, I’m being taken to places now I never knew existed.

    I ended the session with a sounding session (I’ll leave that for another day).

    So to summerise.

    A big thumbs up for the Eupho Trident Syn, it may be small but its quite a remarkable pice of kit.

    Relax and do nothing, enjoy the ride!

    Clear your mind, think erotic thoughts.

    I really hope this encourages those of you out there that are struggling, the guys that are doubting it will ever happen and are loosing faith. It took me a long time to get to this point and now that I’m here it keeps getting better. Talking of which I have a hot date with my beautifully naughty Eupho Syn Trident!

    Enjoy the ride!

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