• Entry One

    I can’t count how many times over the last year guys in chat have mentioned that they missed my blog here. Some even remembered my blog on Word Press 5 years ago, mentioning how much they enjoyed it. I must admit I miss the connection with real readers. I stopped blogging a year ago, directing all my erotic writing energy to my novels. There will be news of the novels here this year, I am thinking of publishing finally. One is complete and the other (a sequel) is 6 months from finishing. They are long. The first is 130,000 words or 350 + pages; I will know how long the second will go in a few months.
    So here is the first entry in my third blog series. It was inspired by a session that I had just finished which is often the case. After letting the last intense anal pleasure spasm dwindle I abandoned any effort to sustain them and got out of bed with my anus buzzing in post orgasm. A few minutes ago I came downstairs, my cock still dripping precum and my anus drooling lube to commit words to the computer before I forgot them. I told a few guys last night that I expected that I would be doing a session early this morning; it was a session worth writing about.
    It is 7 AM. I stirred at 4:30AM, my peak time for erotic energy. The gripping bliss of a turgid erection stirred me awake; it taunted my cock root and anus, goading my opening to twitch and tingle in anticipation. From the years of MMO practice I have trained my body to have early morning orgasms, I am often awoken by my hardened cock. It is routine for me to be stiff and ready at 4 am. Often times my arousal is inspired by a dream or a fantasy that occupies me and dominates my thoughts. This morning it was an erotic dream. It was a very steamy dream that included the 30 year old wife of a friend of mine.
    J was asleep. Her tee shirt was hiked up to under her breasts. She has taken to wearing my tee shirts to bed because she is too hot in her nightgowns. The reason she is too hot is that my nightly A Less sessions cause me to generate a lot of heat in the bed. Even though I grimace and shudder in ecstasy, I lay perfectly still. It is a self fulfilling benefit. My sessions force her to sleep minimally covered exposing her nude derriere for my pleasure. The smooth softness between her cheeks is magnetic; it attracts me to dock in it and launch. The touch of her hot anus on the tip of my sensitive cock head is like setting a match to gasoline. My cock slit twitched and kissed her anus making her whole body twitch in her sleep. Waves of her delicate sensual energy entered my pink slit invading my balls making them heavy with lust . I was like a fish caught by my penis, slowly I was being reeled in to erotic inferno. In a matter of minutes I was lost in a sea of sweet orgasmic rapture, my anal canal pulsingf and pumping in sweet anguish.
    Then as I thought I could endure no more pleasure, the tender hand of mistress MMO gently opened my asshole in preparation for her final assault. I felt her delicate fingers inching into my anal canal slowly, incrementally going deeper and deeper into me. My already rigid prostate was no match for her beguiling touch.
    Her wicked fingers danced on my already pulsing gland causing it to tremble and swell causing the core of my penis to vibrate as a renewed stream of hot precum oozed from my slit. At the zenith of comprehensible sensation the throbbing ecstasy that held my balls and cock root suspended stopped as I was caught on the edge of an agonizing crescendo. I was overwhelmed in that tortured moment of anguished desperation before release but as always I would not ejaculate. My entire anal tract was tightened in pre- orgasmic tension, but instead of cascading into relief giving wet orgasm the elegant agony of excruciating pleasure continued to tighten and tighten deep inside me.
    In my crazed awareness of what was happening I feared that when I fell into this orgasmic abyss I might wake J so I gingerly backed away from her leaving her anus coated with my precum.
    Sliding a foot or so away from her I turned over and faced away from her laying on my left side. Putting my right middle finger on my left nipple and my left middle finger on my slimy sulcal cleft under my cock head I breathed in time to my heart beat and gently massaged both spots in unison. In stimulating both locations it felt like I completed a circuit that opened the gateway to my crescendo. My penis was literally pissing a stream of precum as I fell into the euphoric caress of hard orgasm.
    My cock root was pulsing and pumping, my anus was open as if it was wailing a shrieking acknowledgement of the racking pleasure that was boring into me. My cock began to rythmically lurch in time to the spasms that were pumping deep inside my anal tract. Thick fluid was now leaking from my cock. As I teased and massaged my sulcus mistress MMO provoked and coaxed my prostate. In response to our assault my prostate chimed exquisite sensations as it convulsed helplessly in chains of non stop orgasms.
    The pleasure deep in my anal canal resonated in my perineum and cock root, radiating along my anal canal out my anus and back to my perineum and balls and to the base of my cock in echoing waves. My entire male pleasure apparatus was vibrating, tugging, pumping and lurching in response to the sweet sensations of orgasm that were plucking the strings of my prostate. The precum was collecting on my hand and dribbling onto the sheets.
    The orgasmic explosions that were intensely detonating deep inside my anus; they were being fueled by a fantasy that had taken over my imagination in full screen Technicolor Silent Surround Sound. In the dream that inspired my orgasm this sensual young female friend who I respect and admire was lying nude in my bed with me. My orgasm hardened cock was pressed between her pussy lips as I embraced her and kissed her. There was no penetrative sex, just warm sensation and pure orgasmic love. The images of her naked body pressed against my own with my penis throbbing and pulsing its pleasure being caressed by the soft, warm dewy skin of her cunt lips fueled the wicked orgasmic spasms deep inside me. The pulsing pleasure was amplified by my finger toggling my nipple. In concert my cock and nipple orchestrated a syncopated song of exquisite pleasure.
    My MMO fantasies push me to places where my normal ethics and morals no longer apply. In this lurid place in my mind I can be vulgarly intimate with women (and men) I without ever being unfaithful to J or insulting the friends I am imaginarily engaged with. So as the thoughts of my lovely friend in my arms ignited intensely euphoric convulsions that caused my prostate to pulse, my anus clench and release repeatedly and my penile bulb to pump my precum, my mind wandered to erotic scenarios that pushed my arousal even higher. Images of a great tent stake of a cock suddenly replaced the images of my nude lady friend. This massive cock was being pounded into my anus. Each relentless thrust of this sexy big cock made my body shake as it drove the orgasm deeper and deeper into my anal canal.
    Soon I was in that warm divine place that MMO delivers me to where my anus can no longer cope with the profound pleasure that is being crammed into it. My prostate was aching in pulsing euphoria; that euphoria was clouding my mind and making me shiver. I was in this delightful sensual euphoric place, held there in the arms of my sexy lady friend as the invisible cock pounded into me; the desperate pleasure made the orgasms pile into me one after the other greedily crowding into my quivering asshole.
    As deep – hard orgasm worked my anus and cock, the haze of euphoria temporarily cleared for a moment offering a second or two for rational thought. I became acutely aware of the flexing, contracting and convulsing of my anal opening. I thought of my young lady friend parting my ass cheeks vulgarly exposing my anus to gawking women who watched it convulse in my exquisite agony.
    That mental image made the involuntary contractions of my anus transform from a regular pulsing rhythm to rapid fire triads of spasms. I grimaced as my anus seemed to have a mind of its own, taking me along for the ride. I surrendered as I envisioned a gaggle of women hovering around my anus kissing it and marveling as it in its tortured performance.
    I wondered if I could physically arrest the convulsions of my anus if it would have any impact on deepening this intense orgasm even farther. So as I lay drifting in a sea of erotic euphoria, I inserted my hand into the crease of my butt and delved feeling for my opening. It was flexing and opening and closing as if it was silently screaming for me to find it.
    I placed my middle finger over the hard circular ring of muscle. It was contracting open and closed under my finger. I did not insert my finger into my opening, instead I placed it across the hole the way a musician covers a hole in a flute, clarinet or oboe to change a note and willed it to be still. Struggling to relax my anus as orgasm was milking my anal tract indeed the note and tone of my orgasm changed. The orgasm went from being a clarinet or an oboe to a deep resonent bass note on a massive pipe organ.
    With my other hand I placed my other fingertip back on my sulcus which pumped a great mass of sensation into this great orgasmic instrument that my body had become. The sensation made the massive pipes of my orgasm vibrate inside of me. But the
    Deprived the pleasurable exit of convulsive contraction via my asshole, and unable to express itself by ejaculating the orgasm had no way of expressing itself; it was now bottled up inside of me. In the absence of anal contraction, I could clearly feel my rectal muscles and my prostate being squeezed in the exquisite calm. As each spasm of my prostate amplified the orgasmic pressure in my anal tract, that pressure expanded its reach.
    I felt my cock, perineum, anal tract, nipples, and balls all tensing and hardening as the pressure of the contained orgasm was building. The deliriously sweet sensation of my prostate swelling was the orchestra leader though. Through the cacophony of silent erotic sounds that were building up inside of me and making my fingers tingle and my toes splay, was the pure sweet note of my prostate screaming in deep contralto to the agonizing pleasure that was squeezing it.
    Both hands of lady orgasm were now deep inside of me, right up to her elbows. She held my prostate in the grip of both palms and was squeezing it hard. She did want to relinquish control of this orgasm, there was no way she would allow me to control it.
    In my mind she held the tip of my cock against J’s anus forcing me to drool precum all over it. The nectar of my pleasure was being milked from my gland; it was dribbling onto J’s anus and running down her crack like juice of a ripe fruit that was being squeezed from it in a great sexual press, I was lubing her for the vulgar sweet penetration of my cock. Then in my imagination the cruel mistress of MMO forced me to fuck J in the ass.
    Indeed I was at the fine line between agony and rapture. Yet the pleasure inside of me hardened even more and the act of breathing became extremely difficult. In the din that resounding inside of me the sensation of my fingers on my nipple and my anus appeared in my consciousness. The sensation of my finger on the pleasure quivering ring of my anus was too much. I imagined sliding my cock into J’s tender anus impaling her on the invasive masculinity of my rock hard cock.
    In a crescendo that was so powerful, the orgasm then expressed itself. The involuntary contractions would not be denied their expression of pleasure. My entire sexual apparatus began to pound like the percussion section of a great orchestra. The solid reverberating beat of orgasm after orgasm thundered inside of me, each pounding orgasm shaking my helpless body as they milked my penile bulb. Over and over and over the most powerful spasms of unadulterated pleasure exploded in me; dozens and dozens of back arching body twisting spasms took control of me.
    Precum was oozing from my cock slit in a stream. It seemed to be hissing like the clash of cymbals in the background as the rhythmic beat of the orgasmic drum was making the bed and the floor beneath it shake.
    I was almost 7AM when the orgasmic symphony ended. J was blissfully asleep on the other side of the bed when I finished. I was amazed I didn’t wake her. But then I realized the noise and the orgasmic cacophony was all in my head.
    I am down here in the office writing this before I lose any of the details. I have had to put a folded paper towel in my crotch to absorb the precum that is still leaking from my slit an hour later. My anus is still buzzing and my prostate is full and erect waiting to expel the thick pool of my warm liquid passion that filled it during this incredible two hours.

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