• Entering the Aneros Afterglow Earlier Today: Session for April 6, 2013

    Hi guys,
    Because of events that came up a couple days, I didn't have an Aneros session since last Tuesday morning. However this morning I rose early around 4:30, shaved, bathed, did my laundry while having my morning constitutional outside and some breakfast.
    With all that done around 6:45 a.m., I set up for the session and as part of foreplay, I read some gay pornography on the Internet which made my horny for my Aneros buddies.
    This morning I worked my Aneros buddies in the following sequence: Helix Classic — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic — Maximus. My session lasted close to two hours. I cannot say how much I relish both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic work my prostate with such heavy duty Anerosing. And there is Maximus, who stimulated the whole length of my prostate. However, I couldn't include both Progasm Black Ice and Progasm Classic in Blue in my session this morning because I had some important errands to run.
    After my session, I took a power walk first to drop off a book at the public library in my neighborhood and then to a light breakfast at the Subway Sandwich shop in Glover Park on Wisconsin Ave. a good mile away. This shop serves a really yummy cinnamon danish when it is heated. After this quick breakfast, I walked down the hill to the bank in the heart of Georgetown to check my bank balance. Then a quick walk to another Subway for a more substantial breakfast before returning home. I must have walked a good three miles this morning.
    I discovered last August that when I began using Maximus that a good Aneros session would actually "fuel" my walks about the city. Such walks also would enhance my Aneros afterglows. Indeed this morning while I walked I experienced one walkinggasm after another as waves of pleasure would emanate from my well-worked prostate. Likewise my Aneros afterglow continues even tonight as I have been Kegeling off and on. It feels all so good!!!

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