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    Over the years the subject of energy has been a frequent topic in my study of mind – body connections, sexuality and sexual response. It surfaced many years ago when I was immersed in reading about Zen and Kundalini Yoga. It was also a frequent topic in Tantra. Here in Aneros we always talk about the energy generated by our human biology, spirituality, erotic fantasy and mental imagery. Indeed success in using an Aneros device for me is much more the mastery of or all 4 of the above factors and more than that it is the interweaving of them. It is from their interweaving that I experience the most intense and profound erotic and orgasmic pleasure.
    Over the years I have sought metaphorical images to describe my Aneros experience relative to the interweaving of the above four energy sources. The best analogy that I can think of is surfing; only in my orgasmic surfing it is up to me to organize all the four factors and make them into a “wave” in my mind. As in surfing each wave I generate is different. Some are big and some are small. When the right wave comes along and I “catch” it, as Icatch it, it lifts me and propels me with it. It is my skill and ability that allows me to balance on that wave and as I sustain its energy in my thoughts.
    The experience of the orgasmic pleasure I experience can only be described as a kaleidoscope. Body wracking shuddering sensations of pure sweet ecstasy roll through me setting off exquisitely chilling contractions of bliss, serene hot pleasure and mind driven – cock oozing rapture that continually morph from each desperately elaborate pattern to elaborate pattern, traveling throughout my sex organs tweaking them, caressing them and tantalizing them mercilessly to convulse in ecstatic agony. Once I am up on the wave I can ride it for a long time if I maintain my balance and sustain the energy to keep the wave rolling.
    The physical triggering of orgasmic rapture is very much like lighting a fire in me. With all the above energy factors in place to fuel an orgasmic inferno, I need something to ignite it. Over the years I discovered the sources of that ignition to be three physical parts of my body. I will use whichever one I feel like using depending on my mood; sometimes I may use all three. If the orgasm is in process already and I stimulate all three triggers as the waves of orgasmic pleasure are building and cresting, the result will be orgasmic sensations that are so pleasurable they defy any description. They cannot be put into words or pictures.
    My three triggers are my erected prostate, my cockhead cleft and my nipples. To spark my prostate the ideal tool I have found is my Tempo. Just the sensation of my Tempo being inserted in my anus is enough to strike the spark. The sensation of penetration is profoundly erotic for me. Penetration starts my prostate to convulse and send ripples of the most divine sensation down to my anal opening; my anus will then respond with its own pleasure revealing contractions resulting in a chorus of excruciating pleasure that causes my perineum to twitch and contract and my cock root to spasm and make my cock lurch in a lurid dance of erotic awkward pleasure. When the tip of the Tempo actually touches my prostate and prods it tenderly my prostate responds by convulsing hard, and silently roaring like a lion that has been given raw meat. The orgasm literally is silently audible in my body, thundering in my ears, making my blood rush, shaking my legs and trunk and making my toes splay as sparks of pure orgasmic energy crackle on my nipples and in my cock slit.
    My cockhead cleft was an early discovery for me. When I first started prostate play I was admonished not to touch my cock as sensation on it would make me cum. For me the investigative edging I tried playing with my cockhead with the insertion of my Helix did indeed bring me to the edge of climax. When I continued manipulating my cockhead as I felt orgasm approaching, I continued with the thought that the worse that would happen is that I would ejaculate. To my surprise I discovered that as long as I was just applying gentle pressure to my cockhead cleft with my Aneros in me or ALess, the MMO would indeed take control but I did not cum. Instead my cock went limp as the orgasm took control of it. In its control my cock, perineum, anus and balls would all choreograph an elegantly erotic square dance in which they all lurched to the pervasive pleasure that pulsed in my pelvis. After a year or so of practice I was able to sustain the orgasms with a flaccid cock for 1-2 hours or continuous pleasure. With supportive breathing and nipple stim I could build the orgasms to a screeching level of intensity that actually regenerated my erection.
    The most amazing discovery was the realization that the most erotic energy ignition of my cockhead for MMO that I could experience is spooning my wife to achieve MMO. When she first started partnering with me in MMO, I learned that if we got into bed, both of us naked we could share my mmo delight. With her laying on her right side facing away from me and me on my right side behind her, I slide my erection between her ass cheeks so that my cock cleft is flat on her anus, pressing on it. The warm kiss that her anus gives my sensitive cock cleft immediately makes my prostate convulse in shuddering contractions. She loves the sensation of my bulbous cockhead as it spasms against her anus and presses against her opening pulsing and throbbing in MMO. She especially she loves the warm wetness of my precum oozing on her anus as I pump hot precum on her anal opening in the delirium of my orgasms. I will caress her breasts in my palms and play with her nipples, tweaking them to hardness which incites my MMO to rise in intensity. Once I am deep in MMO rapture I will reach down with my left hand and masturbate her clit until she cums in quivering convulsions in my arms. The experience of physical connection and experiencing her orgasm as I experience anguishing pleasure in MMO causes my orgasm to behave like a volcanic flare. Only instead of molten magma my pre cum erupts on her asshole. The volume and force of my precum in MMO is scary
    Lastly there is the energy source of my nipples. If I am extremely aroused, and it is early in the morning and my body is lethargic with the relaxed buzz from retreating sleep, I can sometimes lay on my back and gently “toggle” my nipples. If they are hardened to equal rigidity as my cock and I maintain the mental focus mentioned earlier, the direct wire between my nipples and my prostate will cause my prostate to harden. With continued stimulation, my prostate will begin to convulse and send echoes of blissful ecstasy up and down my anal canal. A “nipplegasm” is a slow gentle kind of pleasure. It is subtle and very very sweet. To fully engage it I must be mindful and very relaxed with no external distraction whatsoever. A nipplegasm typically will only link my nipples and my prostate. It is like there is a string between them or a wire that directs the energy from one directly to the other. I have the feeling that I am playing an exotic instrument when I do nipple stim derived MMO. It is a mysterious ancient instrument that makes secret music that only I can hear. The music is so intoxicating it causes me to separate from my body and experience the divine tension in my body between these two organs and slowly succumb to the magic that results.
    So as I sit here this morning pondering the wonders of my sexual energy, I feel truly blessed and lucky. I am, like many of us here are on this site are one of the chosen few that mother nature has gifted. We have been given this give of experiencing the purest, sweetest and most exquisite sensations that she is capable of producing. It is all produced through the mysterious energy in my body and in all our bodies.

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      Nice blog entry. Nice to know what turns you on

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