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    The following is a post on my blog at the KSMO site but it all applies here too. It is a further example of our couples practice that has merged Aneros and KSMO so closely.
    I had my first session, after an earlier brief experimental one, with my new Helix a few days ago and have had after effects and general Butt Buzz since then, which was part of energizing this morning's love nest described below! Helix is my new best friend; but that is before Eupho has a real session! So it remains to be seen…
    "After sensing a misunderstanding in the Aneros Chat focused on KSMO, and having the very good discussion in our Evening KSMO Chat later on the 10th, I have been reflecting a lot on the nature of what I have experienced over the last year and a bit, referring back to the Three Models post earlier.
    The question is, how expansive, transformable and transformative are the energies that can be tapped and directed using the Key Sound?
    I would really appreciate thoughts and points of view from other perspectives.
    This morning, mrs. a and I stayed in bed after waking early and had a wonderful time. After early delights and some traditional p>v intercourse we settled down to our intent which was focused more on her prostate (G-spot), still penile/vaginal rather that our mutual manual Wedding Band position.
    She likes still times as well as the traditional motion and I enjoy the still times very much too! During them, I use focused contractions to pulse energy and she can feel not just the remote movement, but the energy transfer.
    In other posts I have mentioned the focused abilities to selectively move tissues at my prostate and/or perineum as well as the anus and testicles. I developed this using my Aneros MGX to exercise and develop these abilities and the muscle memories that let me call them up at will. I have also practised the Key Sound with them during that training to be able to use it to amplify and direct them.
    During the still times this morning we experimented to see if she could feel the movement and get the energies from each of these locations independently as well as combinations. Did she ever! These were each distinctly different for her as they are in me as I am doing it.
    I use the Key Sound, which for me has progressively become lower and somewhere between a growl and a deep purring… to amplify and at time direct these energy productions and transfers. Today, on one occasion I almost blew a fuse boosting a perineum jolt which exploded there like a burst of light and shot an electric jolt up the penis. That Key Sound is the handiest tool a man can have! LOL.
    During even the gentlest loving energy play this morning, mrs. a was orgasming repeatedly with dry body motion/vocalisation orgasms and I was enjoying dry multiples of varying intensities up to Super-Os in Aneros lingo. This was a Tantric Breakfast Body Banquet extraordinaire.
    At the same time, I have been experiencing the spontaneous energy transfer (and transformation!) to my sacrum and lower back/base of spine generally. From "Butt Buzz" to "Base/Back Buzz"… That energy is different and does not feel specifically erotic, but rather is more like chi and a whole body energizing in a "zest for life" and mind/body bliss mode.
    Such energy transformation and diversity of application is part of Tantra and Tao as I read and attempt to understand them through what my body is telling me through our experiences.
    I have reworked and rewritten the blog title and introduction to try to be clearer about our experiences and the intentions here.
    Have any others here, who are also practioners of Tantra and/or Tao also worked with the (Aneros and/or) Key Sound across this wide ecstatic energies spectrum?

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      05/20/2008at7:07 pm

      Very good post!
      I think I can truly understand what you have written. I wish I had this type of relationship with my wife, but she is working way to much, and we have very little time together.
      I have been married for 38 years now, and i'am just now getting her to understand more of the pleasures between both the partners.
      I have recently started KSMO, but had a bit of a time getting signed on to Jack's forum. but now I'am on, and hope to get advice from experts like you and others.
      You have a very organized and informative blog for couples in mind. Thanks.

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