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    Back again and now finally able to write this calmly. The afterglow and effects from a session seem to stay with me longer now. So I just drained the hose. Meaning i just emptyed my ball sack from 8 days of edging while riding my vibrating Device. Oh it felt so amazing.
    Being off from work and having the house to my self was the perfect time to release those juices and have all the fun I wanted. I lubed up and stuck it right in listening to a hot audio. Instantly i began to feel the thrashing waves move inside me. My dick began rock hard which usually doesn't happen right away.
    With my breathing becomeing shallow & the room getting hot I thought it was time to start jerking off but I was shaking and girating so much i could get a hold of my dick. I was zoning out of reality and my prostate was taking me down a tunnel that scared & excited me all at the same time. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Where was Mr. Vice taking me and how will I get back but who cares. Pre cum was being thrown everywhere and my mouth were spewing out some of the nastyiest things I have ever heard. My legs were raising all on there own with out a care as if some one was there with me. My body became wet with sweat & my moans were geting louder.
    Finally i grabbed a hold of my throbbign dick and began to jerk off which only made the pleasure thripple inside my body. With only a few strokes my body, bed and sheets were covered in my own juices. As I cought my breathe aftershocks started to enter my body as my Device was still going strong like the energizer bunny. I moaned and moaned and ended up having a HFWO. That has never happen to me before. Once I cum once it takes me a minute before I can recharge and start again. But I guess those 8 days of unused cum was begging to get one way or another.
    I finally just took the toy out to come back to real life cause I was forgeting where I was and what was happening. It was the best time ever. I sobbed after as more after shocks shook my gentle fragile orgasmic body. Why me, why am I able to feel this way. I wish others can feel this so it wont feel like its lies. Hell I dont even really believe it and its happening to me. I'm just so grateful that it is. So yeah that was my ride this morning. Still getting little joltz of energy from earlier. All smiles today.

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