• Electrifying session

    I tend to use an Aneros model for a few sessions and then switching to another for another few sessions. It changes things up and the experience is always different everytime I cycle back to the same model.

    This round I just switched over to the Helix Trident and it was an electrifying experience! It was a good session and the new part about it is that I noticed everytime the Aneros nudged my prostate, there was this pleasure wave that shot up my belly and down to my thighs at the same time. It moved so fast it was like electricity, unlike the p-waves before that slowly radiated out.

    My senses were in a really heightened state. When I caressed my inner thighs, my lower abdomen began to shudder automatically and instantly, much like hitting a funny bone, I could not control the reaction. The spasms had little movement but were very strong and felt pleasurable.

    There is most definitely a connection between the inner thighs and lower abdomen. I plan to incorporate these erogenous areas alongside nipple play.

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