• ed's journey

    tried again today–same result as the last 2 times–encouraging but not the big o–have the ability to start with the involuntary spasms after about 5 minutes–accomplish this by just waiting, completely relaxed on my back with my knees in the air–now know what i'm feeling and when it comes i just let it happen to see where it takes me–sometimes it makes me go oh yeah and sometimes it makes me shake my legs and/or bounce on the bed with my ass–this bouncing feels good and makes me feel the aneros inside me–i can almost get off from this but it takes a little something extra which i have not identified yet–when it happened the first time it was like time slowed down and a switch was thrown and the aneros seemed to really dig into me and welded itself to me, but i don't know what exactly happened just before that and so i don't know what set me off–of course it may not be the same every time so i have to remain loose

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