• ed's journey

    i've been having sessions everyday and sometimes more than one session a day and achieving involuntary spasms almost immediately–i bounce, wiggle and rock, waving my legs and doing whatever it takes to feel that rubbing feeling on my prostate that we all like to feel–unfortunately i have not been able to get to that second super o that i'm chasing–nevertheless it feels good–last night i got a late call from overseas and when i went back to bed just before 2 am i got so much action in my prostate and involuntary quivering in my legs etc that it was unbelievable–i have not had this happen without the aneros in since i had my reaction to a medication that gave me a severe case of hives–this was the second episode since then–i used to have this happen while sitting around or when bouncing on an automobile seat–i believe it is a good sign–nevertheless it did not translate to a super o today, but i had a nice long ride–i try not to lead too much but when the feelings come on me it makes me rock and bounce, etc and this is not totally randon but directed by me–i always hope my body will take over and leave me in the dust but not so far

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