• ed's journey

    had a very enjoyable session with various models–was interrupted once by phone call but able to get back to it after–action starts in a short time, several minutes, and progresses to involuntary shudders of the legs, when i start to rock and wave my legs to feel the aneros rub inside me–it feels good and sometimes very good and occasionally very, very good–almost progresses to super o but not quite–i can feel heat building and sometimes the aneros seems to go in deeper and almost locks on–maybe it knows that i am after the super o and so i can't get there–i think i should just do what it wants and not point myself towards anything more–i may be pressing without knowing that i am– i can't consider that i have this thing under control until i am able to produce super os at will, or at least several in a row–so far the one that i have had was just dumb luck, i guess, but so much fun that i will continue chasing it until i get it–wonder what those supper achievers feel when they get it in a couple of weeks, or tries?–do they value it or is it too simple for them?

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