• ed's journey

    did session after 2 days off–started with helix for about 50 min–got right to it in hardly any time, about 5 minutes–can get to point where i feel it rubbing in the right place and i can get pleasure from rubbing by bouncing on the bed on my ass and waving my legs–this is extremely pleasant but not the super o–i can keep this up for as long as i want, trying for my body to take over and do what it needs to do for a super o–it was very good but i finally stopped for a mega piss–switched to the 16 mm after the piss and got right to it again, but after a very long time enjoying the rubbing, i didn't get to the super o and i had to take another mega piss–i don't know where it all comes from but it's not just a feeling that i have to piss because i piss a ton–switched to the 20 mm next and did what i had done so far today–you know i say rubbing on my prostate but it seems like it grabs onto the prostate and moves in perfect rhythm with my motion so that there is probably no motion between the prostate and the massager, or very, very little– they go hand in hand and i can enjoy the feeling as long as i want to rock and/or bounce–i'm still waiting for that second super o–as i said for the first it felt hotter there and like they were welded together and that it knew what was required with no input from me–my whole body jerked in the right rhythm by itself, whereas the bouncing before the super o, like the last few sessions, i consciously make myself bounce, although i am completely relaxed otherwise–this thing takes some getting used to before i can do it whenever i want–it's still very much in control

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