• Edging

    Hey guys been gone for a while but I'm back. I have learned a lot on this journey and it has changed me into the man you see in the chat and forums post then nowledge i now know. I have progressed so well that my sexual appetite has changed and so many new things get me off. Weather is a wet orgasm or not a orgasm still happens and that never happen before Aneros.
    One example is edging. Edging is when you prolong the ejaculation to build up more sperm and semen to have better and longer wet orgasm. But Since I am rewired & my prostate is fully awaken it gets me HFWO & FBO's as well.
    Edging also makes the time go really fast. When your zoning out with your erect penis in your hand and your mind is at that uptopia place feeling nothing but pleasure and erotic tingles you begin to just be free and one with your self.
    It took me time to master it because i was a quick cummer. But with practice and a few vids on xtube i can now edge for hours. But like I said since I'm rewired while i jerk off when I get it close to the edge since i don't let out the cum I instead have a full body orgasm. So the sensation that was suppose to come out of my dick head with my cum now reroutes throught the rest of my body and it feels awesome.

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