• Edging both with Aneros and also in Aless

    Hi guys,
    Most young males when they discover masturbation or are shown it by a buddy encounter one of the most thrilling experiences of their lives. The very first orgasm with ejaculation of semen is a profound experience which happens to most guys in their adolescence, although quite few young males experience dry orgasms even earlier! Masturbation is autoeroticism at its best because masturbation gets a male in touch with his genitals and his body in a most profound way.
    However, most adolescent males live at home with their parents and siblings where there is little privacy. So they have "quickies," masturbation episodes in as short a time as possible. That sets them up for premature ejaculation later in life which may impair conjugational relations with the woman they may marry.
    However, more experienced masturbators will prolong their sessions as long as possible in order to maximize the pleasure derived from stimulation of their genitals. They learn in many cases a technique called "edging." A guy will ride the edge or threshold of ejaculatory inevitability in order to achieve a bigger "bang" in his orgasmic and ejaculatory pleasure. He will cum big. At the same time, he develops a powerful technique to pleasure his wife first, before actually cumming himself.
    With summer approaching here, dawn arrives earlier. This morning, I rose early and got some groceries from my neighborhood 7-Eleven arriving back at 6:15 a.m. Then I prepared my favorite Aneros models for my session which I began around 6:45 a.m.
    Once again I used in succession Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus which I went through fairly quickly enjoying them all very much.
    It is so wonderful now how effortless my Aneros rides are now! They actually work me over so easily now. I very seldom now have dud sessions.
    This morning I made two profound discoveries:
    [1] While I have experienced my Aneros sweet spot in my sessions for a very long time, this morning I found its more exact location. It is from my perineum to right underneath my scrotum or ball sack. There is a tightness there of muscle, but also an area of very exquisite, sweet sexual energy!
    [2] Also I discovered today for sure that focusing on this area through slow, deep breathing and occasional anal contractions actually fuel this sexual energy of pleasure! And there were Aneros edging and even Aless edging enter in.
    Guys enjoy riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability for long as possible when masturbating because when they go off the edge, they'll cum big! Shouldn't it be so with Aneros riding and Aless. I say a resounding Yes! Someday soon I may soon pass over in the land of the Super-O and MMO's through these two techniques, even as I did many years ago when my first orgasm and ejaculation swept over me like a tidal wave when I was actually unconsciously edging!
    Take care!

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