• EagerBeginner1

    A couple years ago, I tried several different models of Aneros. I got the most sensations out of the vibration models. I never did have a Super O or anything close to it. I finally gave up. My interest was once again aroused. I purchased a Helix Trident based on the beginners list and the sensations I was looking for. I started on my side, after a while tried other positions; on my back, on hands and knees, lying on stomach with legs spread. For an hour and half, I had precum with most contractions which were pleasurable, but nothing spectacular. I lubed up several times. I am preparing to have an hour and a half to two hour session again. I know the big O is there, I just need to be patient. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

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    • Ggringo

      12/16/2021at7:40 am

      Hi @eagerbeginner and wrlcome to the blog section of the site.

      You answered your own question; ‘I just need to be more patient’ is the best advice you can get. Sit back and just pay attention to any sensation your massager is creating in your lower abdomen. Also take notice of all other sensations throughout your whole body. Slowly train your nipple to join the fun. It’s like planting a seed for an apple tree; you can’t expect to be able to make apple pie the following week.

      Finally, just enjoy the ride. Good luck and good vibes.

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