• Dry–O Joystick

    [edit – I start/do most of my sessions on my side, as it's hard to me to feel the prostate pleasure as easily on my back.] My prostate felt pretty full this morning and during the day, so figured I'd do a session this afternoon with my Helix.
    I spent the first 15 min warming up without the Helix with PC contractions and low ab breathing till I felt my prostate getting electric tingles and starting to feel present. Then I inserted the Helix and spent like 30 min with nipple sims and slow/fast contractions and had a couple Dry–O's, but nothing extraordinary. Did a little with couple fingers on my upper corona with nipple stim and it really jumped the prostate into high gear. By this time my prostate was fully aroused & swollen so I could always feel it, and every contraction I made gave at least a small electric charge.
    (I included nipple stimulation as an integral part during the rest of the session!)
    So I figured I'd see what I could do with my penis again, same as the other night. I started rubbing the very tip of my glans at the pee–hole, and after a couple min, some lube oozed out, and made it easier to keep rubbing. Within a min or so started a Dry–O for a few min then ebbed. I waited a few minutes to recycle, then started again, and had another longer Dry–O. Ended up having like 10 over the next 30+ minutes. Some were short, some were very intense – double up pleasure.
    Kept checking my testicals to make sure they weren't turtling up (which would indicate I was heading to regular ejaculation.) They didn't turtle up while I stayed at just rubbing the pee–hole.
    5 min in, I started feeling little jolts of electric going down the penis and into my prostate. It was lighting up my prostate even more. The last 10 minutes I had gotten to rubbing the whole glans a couple times and it felt Great!, but didn't want to keep that up as I could feel my balls turtling up and my penis starting to become the focus instead of my prostate. Figured it would turn into an ejaculation, so I backed down.
    Seems like if I just stayed on the pee–hole, my testicals wouldn't turtle, and I kept getting the jolts down the penis to the prostate. Seems like it was really important to keep focusing on the penis tip jolts to the prostate, and the pleasure I was feeling from the prostate itself in order to avoid feeling my penis too much. The end result was that the movements on the penis sort of faded to the background and I was mostly feeling my prostate jolting and buzzing and feeling massaged.
    A few times I noticed myself repeatedly pressing down on the pee–hole and my prostate was pulsing in synch with my finger! Thought that was pretty cool. One helpful thing is that between Dry–O's, a bit of pre–lube would ooze out and make it easier to keep rubbing, which would then bring on the next Dry–O.
    One of the last Dry–O's, I got to thinking that pressing my dick tip felt like working like a little remote controller (grin). So I grabbed my dick in one hand like a joystick and used my thumb like a control button and had another good Dry–O. OK, I'm a geek. Well anyway, I felt that I couldn't do this joystick thing more often because my grip on my penis was really drawing my attention and feeling to little Freddie and off of my prostate.
    Seems like the best position for me for starting D–O's was to grab my glans between the thumb and index fingers, then using my pointer finger to rub the pee–hole. Then I'd press the glans lightly down to my abs, sort of making a mushroom with my dick head. Was the easiest for me to keep everything in place while I rubbed and writhed in bed. The best connection was to rub/pulse right on the hole – gave me the best jolt to the prostate.
    I felt like I could have kept this up for as long as I wanted, but dinner was served, so got up and had a great pizza supper. Can't wait to see if I can play pong again some other night ! (grin)

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