• Dry orgasms and audio

    Recently, I have made good progress on my Aneros journey and I feel that there is much to write both now and in the future, and I am happy to share my experiences 🙂

    Typically my go to position is on my back and knees bent pointing upwards. I softly caress my chest and circle around the nipples to help build arousal.

    Recently I have stumbled upon some pegging audios on GWA reddit and they have gone really well with my Aneros sessions. I suppose it makes the fantasy situation more believable because there is actual anal penetration and stimulation involved.

    During my last session things really started to kick off. I managed to reach a dry O. Every orgasm after that came faster than the previous one as I got more in tune with the sensations down there and the prostate felt like it was getting bigger.

    There was this one dry O that developed into an unfamiliar feeling that felt a little nice. It was a feeling that travelled through the center of my arms and legs straight to the ends of my hands and feet and the feelings from prostate took the back seat. It wasn’t pulsing or like an adrenaline rush. What I can best describe it is like my body lit up like a lightbulb for about 15 seconds.

    That was my best session with the Aneros yet. I also recently bought a Lelo Hugo and am excited to post about it soon.

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