• Dry orgasm

    Hello guys,
    Last night was pretty harsh with my progasm ice, it seems like it is becoming a little more violent. Was actually already in my mind all day working on my ride with my toy and had to prepare for already fixed what pornography looked on the computer. Finally as far as it was after I had taken a bath to relax and after I had inserted some lubricant and enjoy relaxing on my toy I am going with the progasm ice, but didn’t need to wait until the first contractions as long as there were and my legs and arms just started shaking. My whole body from my feet to my head felt really hot to the touch, a kind of tingling in hands and feet and my balls started to tickle and more and more together to squeeze and one after the other dry orgasm follow each other and had every time feeling like I really ready came but that was not so. And tingling in my body was getting worse, but it was a wonderful feeling what I had felt earlier was not so. And now I writing 12 hours later there is still a huge tingling in my balls where I still enjoy.

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      09/04/2017at9:40 pm

      @rlin, I want to congratulate you on achieving your a dry orgasm or even a series of them! I suggest that you savor all this, especially your lingering tingling in your balls. Cheers!

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