• Dry O zone! Back in the saddle!

    Ok thats more like it!
    I had a good session last night.
    Instead of using the helix first I decided to use the eupho.
    Oh miss eupho is great!
    I still have to hold a slight contraction to get the action to happen but I had a really good session although I dont think I had any dry Os but upon reflection I think I had many mini Os.
    After a two hour session with the eupho I switched to the helix.
    I inserted it and nothing for 10 seconds then my anal muscles twitched twice slowly and my prostate sort of said oh yer that it! And then the auto fucking action started and instant p-waves.
    I could just lie there and it was all automatic. The waves of pleasure were great but not intense so I did a few kegals and held slight contractions and of course stimulated my nipples and it got a lot better.
    After a while while the aneros was twitching it suddenly was pulled in hard all the way and locked in and the it was like I was ejaculating.
    So I guess this is what a dry O feels like. It did not stop there every ten to 20 seconds the aneros would return to twitching and get pulled up hard and locked in and the dry Os would start again.
    The dry Os would last five to ten seconds then subside then repeat again.
    It felt great but Not intense. It was about the same as a super T in intensity.
    However the dry Os would come one after the other after the other.
    I lost count of the amount of them. They came in waves of about twentyish at a time and then a rest fora minute or so and then they would start again.
    These lasted for about 1.5 hours I guess this is what they call the O zone.
    I ended up going to sleep at about 2:30am with the helix in.
    I awoke a few times through the night with the helix twitching away causing nice p-waves in my slumber.
    Early morning I awoke to a purple throbbing hard on and the aneros doing its thing. I think I had a few more dry os but it is a little hazy and I dropped of to sleep again.
    8am I awoke and lay there for a hour while he helix just kept on auto fucking.
    I decided to remove it reluctantly as it was time for a pee.
    I went back to bed until 11:30am and had a anerosless session the hole time.
    It 3:30pm andI am watching a movie and the aneross ghosting has not stopped.
    With any luck it looks like I am back in the saddle thank the aneros gods!
    Intensity is lacking but hopefully this will improve.

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      11/25/2012at7:48 am

      Thanks for that braveneworld – what you describe is very similar to me, although the intensity of my dry-Os is increasing over time.
      I occasionally do voluntary contractions, but mostly I do nothing.
      Temporarily, I do sometimes find there are lulls in sensitivity and activity, and whilst these are somewhat disconcerting, it does come back, often with some new twist. It feels like one's expectations get in the way, as well as stress from life generally, but in the meantime your body is assimilating all that it has experienced. I am convinced that the aneros is almost a barometer of one's psychological well being.
      Good luck with future sessions

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