• Drugs and a great session

    Well before I start I will say I dont condone the use of any drug for pleasure as it maybe great but the side affects could mean your life.
    I have never smoked, taken drugs of any type but have had my teenage years blurred a little by alcohol on occasion.
    So I am not a expert and I suppose a bit of a square
    I had a accident over twelve month ago and ended up in casualty.
    I had surgery and plates and screws where put in and now over 14 months later have had them removed which ment more surgery.
    I hope that no one on this forum ever has to go through the pain that I have had to endure.
    I am sure there are even worse injuries that can happen to people and I really feel for them.
    I have had to put aside my aneros use for a week. I was going to put it aside for longer but The prostate wants what it wants.
    I have no doubt you know what I mean
    They have given me Endone for the pain. For those of you that dont know it is apparently a replacement tablet form of morphine.
    Good powerful stuff !
    Last nights session
    I gave in from abstaing from aneros use last night.
    I started my session at about 12:30am last night.
    These drugs have a four hour window and while I admit I was not in that window the drug is definitely still in my system causing effects.
    I think I had the best session I ever had last night! But be buggered if I actually got the enjoyment that I believe I deserved.
    I was inspired by the post that has resurfaced lately with the extracts from a aneros chat coaching session.
    I was determined to just let the aneros just do its thing and not intervene.
    Well to cut a really long story sort)er(
    I managed to let it do its thing and not intervene. The thing went crazy and I know there was gobs and gobs of pleasure but as so many others have said You feel detached, you feel it but it is dulled by the drugs.
    The sad thing is I am sure that the drugs helped the session! They stopped me from intervening so the session went to new heights but I could not appreciate them as much
    I know it was a good session because today I am gauging for it! Me and my rear want it so bad but I have held off as I am feeling sickly.
    I feel asleep after two hours and woke a hour later 3:30am when I decided to remove because my body needs the sleep to recover from my injuries.
    I may have a ride on miss eupho later if I feel better but will do my best just to sleep tonight so I am rested.
    The more tired I am the more difficult it is to deal with pain.
    The most significant thing I took away from this session and I hope it was not just the drugs tricking my mind is nipple rewiring!
    when I was in my second half of my session it came to my attention that my nipple stimulation was at a huge high!
    If I circled my nipples I could feel a line directly to my scrotum. Each nipple was connected to the corresponding side of my scrotum.
    If I circled the nipple I could feel the same sensation circling my ball.
    I could do one side then the other or both at the same time or one clockwise and the other anticlockwise.
    If I started tapping on the top of the nipple the feeling of tapping on my balls would happen, same if I flicked them.
    I wish I could have licked them, that would have been fun.
    If I pulled the nipple out or up or down the same thing was felt in my balls.
    It felt so sensual and exciting all at the same time.
    I dont know what a super O feels like but I may of had one.
    I have been getting the dry O ejaculating feelings in my session lately but I remember noticing that after a massive build up feeling that I had what I thought was a dry O but the ejaculation feeling was real intense and made my pelvis surge forward as if I was ramming my cock in a hole as hard as I could.
    Now what you have to remember is all the feeling were detached so any feelings need to be amplified by a 100 to equal normal feelings.
    My dry Os in this session felt like little wiggles of my penis ever so softly but normally they would be much much stronger.
    So there you go the drugs seemed to help, I have never had a super O before but maybe I have now and my nipples have never been that sensitive before or were they.
    The problem is I dont know the drugs helped but maybe they are just fU#king with my head.
    Either way it was a awesome ride with feeling I have never felt before and will never forget.
    How can we possibly explain to other non aneros users the intimacy of the feeling you get from these devices. It can not be put into words that do it justice.
    I wish I could tell all my friends about it but seeing as they are straight typical Austalian men with slight homophobic thoughts like most Australian men would just laugh and call me names.
    Guess I will just have to be happy knowing that I am superman, super MMO man and they are just weak minded fools.
    It will be good when I am off these drugs so I can feel the full pleasure being created.

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