• Dream, Fantasy and MMO

    There are certain things that just go together, like milk and cookies, beer and pretzels, baseball and peanuts and movies and popcorn. Beyond food there are also things that elegantly complement experiences in my life.
    The matching of the complement and the activity makes the experience seem even more enjoyable. While the food related examples are ones that I have certainly enjoyed, there are some emotional / sensual ones that also resonate with me. Examples are sitting by the warm crackling glow of a fire while camping in the black of night, enjoying the flickering golden hued intimacy of candles surrounding a hot tub or remaining in relaxed sleep in bed with the windows open on a warm summer morning while grey sky dims the sunrise and soft rain patters on a roof or window.
    Beyond food and sensual life experiences there are several sexual ones that also affect me in profound ways. One of the sexual ones for me would be savoring the sensual eroticism of humping J's hot pussy as it sucks on my cockhead while she grinds her pubis on mine in a sinuous dance of erotic abandon. This visceral sexual experience is complemented by candles making sinuous shadows around the bed as we fuck. Or it could be soft music and scented candles in a dimly lit room creating a relaxed sense of sensual privacy while my oiled hands explore her body and stroke her intimate places in erotic massage that culminates in her having a shuddering orgasm. This marriage of mood and experience is perhaps one of the most magical aspects of my sensual and sexual life and experience of pleasure.
    MMO and fantasy are another one of those pairs that also are just made to go together.
    I was inspired to think about this and make this entry by a dream that has hung in my memory for years. Even now the recollection of that dream hardens my cock. It is truly a fantasy as I doubt that I would ever want it to happen. I have no idea why this fantasy inspires my arousal the way it does, but it does.
    In this particular fantasy J is sexually intimate with guys I know as I sit there immobilized in fascination, aroused as hell, fuming with jealousy and cuckolded humiliation as I watch her getting intimately drilled by their cocks.
    The dream had incredible clarity; it was not a hazy illusion. I really felt like I was living it and experiencing it in real life. In the dream J and I were with a guy who is a family friend of ours; I have known for years. I consider him to be one of the closest friends I have. He was visiting us without his wife. In real life he often has work related reasons that cause him to travel the 7 hours from his home to be near where we live; we see him when he is here. As a result, we will often see him without his wife.
    In my dream we were at a play at a local production company; he loves dramatic performances. In the dream this friend named R and J and I we in the dimly lit seats in a almost empty performance hall; she is sitting between us. The play is a steamy love story; the further we get into the performance it becomes harder and harder to separate the play from reality. We are the audience but we are also seemed to become the performers; the dividing line between the stage and the audience became very fluid. As we watched the play, it was having an impact on all of us. My cock was stiffening and my heart was racing as I watched a steamy love scene play out on the stage. When I looked to my side J and R were kissing, very passionately. I was shocked but turned on. Her head was back on the chair and she was semi reclining as he exerted dominance over her. His hand was in her blouse as he felt her up; she shamelessly surrendered to him, oblivious to the fact that I was sitting next to her watching in stunned silence as he pinched and teased her nipples.
    He kissed her passionately, driving her to the abyss of arousal. As she lay there in hypnotized erotic oblivion he began to unbutton her blouse. She succumbed to his increasingly intimate actions drifting in an aroused haze, staring at him in silenced awe as he removed her blouse and unhooked her bra to bare her tits. I was waiting for her to notice me and return to reality, but she didn’t. Instead she remained transfixed on him. I was incensed but my cock was stone hard.
    Then somehow the scene in the dream changed; we were no longer sitting in the audience of the play, instead we were in our bedroom. J has beautiful breasts, I feel so privileged that the sixty four year old woman I sleep with has the sexy tits of a 30 year old. I love to suck her nipples and massage them to arouse her. So it inflamed my shock and indignation to watch his mouth descent and make contact with her rigid nipples.
    I struggled to yell out but was stilled in erotic fascination as I watched her face assume the relaxed blissful expression of sexual ecstasy building. She cradled his head as she nursed him; he sucked the desire from her warm tit, filling him(and her)with sexual desire. I struggled to cope with the rage and curious erotic fascination of my adored sexy J being pleasured by another man.
    The fact that it was a friend that I particularly liked made the situation even more tormenting. Then the scene changed again morphing to them being vulgarly naked together in our bed.
    Her legs were parted as she shamelessly revealed the cock hardening view of her dripping pussy to his eyes. As I tried to protest I realized that slowly I was losing my physical presence and somehow I wasn’t even there any more as he was taking his liberties with her and she was welcoming his ovation with parted legs.
    I was reduced to being an invisible presence of humiliation, anger and lust as I watched his face disappear between her thighs. The mouth of her pussy was overflowing with the nectar of her arousal. Hungrily he drank from her hair framed cup seeming to engorge his own passion from her sweet cunt honey.
    To my shock he kneeled over her with the largest most perfect looking penis I had ever seen; I knew that he would be fucking her and I wondered how it would fit in her cunt without splitting her open. I have never seen this friends penis in real life so I am not sure what it looks like. However, in the dream and the fantasy his cock was long and hard, its ample girth was patterned with a network of veins that were feeding a large purple hued cockhead; that helmet shared crown was drooling a clear string of his passion. It hung suspended from his cock slit with a large fat drop perilously connected to the string. In my dream I watched that large drop of that precum as it fell into her open pussy mouth; the vulgar sight of another mans precum dribbling into her pussy opening made me fume but it also turned me on. And then to my shock I watched his cockhead disappear into her pussy as she swallowed him whole. She shuddered, stiffened and screamed as if she were being electrocuted, but it was not a scream of pain, it was a scream of white hot ecstasy as he penetrated her quivering pussy with his hard pink spear. As I watched him impale her with this elegant male instrument, I witnessed the effect of his pleasurable erotic torture on her face. It was too much for me to bear.
    Mustering up whatever energy I could I broke free from the shroud of invisibility that made me irrelevant. I found the will to scream out my protest. My own stifled scream not only woke me up but it woke J sleeping next to me.
    She sat up and asked if I was alright. I told her not to worry it was just a bad dream; but in an embarrassingly vulgar and erotic way it was a wonderful dream. Satisfied I was OK; she lay back on her side and pulled the covers back up and fell back to sleep. My heart was racing and my cock was stone hard. The fire of indignation and humiliation was still kindling in my mind, but my cock and anus were throbbing with the torrid arousal that the dream inspired.
    I couldn’t return to sleep; my anger and arousal had control of my mind. It was more than a half hour later that my arousal got the better of me. So while she slept I slid in behind J and slipped my stone hard penis in between her warm bared ass cheeks. The heat of her soft flesh caressing my aching cockhead launched me into blissful mmos instantly. Breathing deeply I consciously surrendered to the pleasure that was forcing my anus open and flooding into it. My cock root and anus were being filled with blissful ecstasy; as the torrent gushed into my asshole it tugged on my cock root and made my penile bulb convulse. My cock jerked and lurched as my prostate began to pump and convulse in ecstasy. Thoughts of the most humiliating and arousing parts of the dream only drove the pleasurable spasms higher and higher, until my legs were trembling and explosions of erotic rapture pounded at me deep in my anal tract and contracted my perineum.
    When I was over I lay there in the romantic ethereal light of early morning streaming through the blinds in our windows. My anus was twitching and my prostate was buzzing as I languidly thought of the dream, the fantasy and the mmo that resulted.
    I thought of how fantasy is such a big part of my MMO sex life but it is not part of my intimacy with J. Fantasy and MMO seem to go together so elegantly; they are like cookies and milk, movies and popcorn or camping and a campfire. The memory of that dream that would never be a real experience in my life amplified the ecstasy of MMO. I would never want to experience that real situation yet was so powerfully arousing for me it fueled 90 minutes of pure MMO euphoria. But fantasies such as the one I just had are totally foreign to my thoughts when I make love to J.
    When I make love to J, I am there with her, viscerally and emotionally. When my mouth is on her warm pussy lips kissing them, teasing them with my tongue or suckling on her erected clit I am there at that moment with her pussy. I feel the heat of her pussy on my face and she feels the taunting prodding of my tongue that makes her clit stiffen and emerge. When I wrap my lips around her erected pearl, I suckle it and make her back arch as she humps my face and climbs the ladder to seek erotic rapture.
    When I lodge my own warm cockhead in her pussy opening kissing it tenderly with my oozing cock slit, and I slide it into the warm sucking pleasure of her cunt I am there with her watching her face contort in the confused erotic anguish. Making love to J leaves no room in my mind for fantasy.
    So here I sit a year after the sweet erotic mental torture of that dream, memories of it still harden my cock and make my anus throb as I sit here thinking about it.
    Later on tonight as I savor the memory of the dream that tugged my penis to lengthen and harden I will be drawn to seek the warm sweet caress of J’s pussy or derriere again. Rubbing my cockhead on her sodden pussy mouth will make all my thoughts of cuckolding, vulgar infidelity and unashamed lust melt away and be replaced by steamy emotions, unrestrained desire and the sweet pleasure of adoration. My engorged cockhead will plumb the depths of the well of her feminine passion to touch the alluring tenderness of her sexual soul.
    As I hump her and caress her and kiss her soft lips my cock will explode in her pussy as it holds my spewing shaft bathing the smoldering forge of her passion with a hot stream of my cum extinguishing the lurid, humiliating and sexy inferno of the dream with a steaming hiss.
    Her cunt will grip my cock tenderly as I regurgitate my creamy passion deep into her pussy. The agonizing euphoria of that release will be accompanied by the thought that no other cock but mine will ever feel the lush sucking pleasure of her cunt. The fantasy has served its purpose.

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