• Does your prostate become “hard” and “erect” when you are sexually aroused???

    Hi guys,

    Ever since, November 14, the apartment next to mine has been undergoing extensive renovations to bring it up to code. Hence Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays too, from nine to five, there have been much construction noise. This renovation project will conclude at the end of January 2021.

    Nonetheless at night I can retire to my bed when all is quiet and in repose. As one who has been rewired by Aneros, I can throughout the long nights off and on bring myself to the heights of sexual stimulation mostly through diddling my nipples and the Kegels thrown in for good measure. Whenever that happens, it feels that my prostate is hard and erect, much like my cock which beckons me to wank it! 🙂 I am so grateful for what the Aneros has done for me in getting me in touch with my prostate. So now when I masturbate, it feels so good when my prostate is fully engaged in the throes of masturbation as I go all the away towards orgasm and ejaculation of my semen. Plus my semen is so thick and creamy!

    This is what my good buddy, @Turnrow, wrote in response in one of my blog posts last May:

    “So glad for your best time ever. It would be helpful for you as a veteran to describe what you felt in the temple of exquisite male pleasure and also in the ALESS which you also describe as exquisite. We underlings who have not experienced such pleasure would be motivated to keep trudging on to what you totally rewired guys are feeling.”

    The “temple of exquisite male pleasure” to which @Turnrow refered, is the temple of the PONR (Point-of-no-return) which @goldenboy wrote much in blog posts. Every guy experiences the PONR every time he has sex or jacks off. Experienced lovers and guys into beating their meat enjoy dalliance at this temple. This dalliance is also known as edging and they go all the way the results are shattering.

    This morning before composing this post, I posted a poll on my question above. Take care!

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      12/26/2020at10:15 pm

      Thanks Bro for your explanation. As a fan of keepitupjohnsons Love Satisfies book on edging and relaxing and moving the sexual energy all over my body, I have many times visited that temple of exquisite male pleasure and on one occasion with repetitive edging and on another occasion in ALESS play, I could feel my prostate swell also feel the arousal of my prostate. On those two occasions, I leaked precum for an hour or so after those experiences. Precum flowed in faucet fashion continually for about an hour after that. I am wondering if in most of your ALESS sessions, do you feel that type of prostate swelling and arousal and pre cum leaking???? Please let me know.

      I am convinced that you guys who are rewired with the aneros where the focus is on arousing your prostate and where you are not touching your dicks, you guys doing that are in another world of pleasure over what I am experiencing, except on those two occasions when my prostate got involved and leaked precum for about an hour or so.

      Happy Trials Big Glans.

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