• Do Nothing Aneros Technique and Two New Aneros Positions

    Hi guys,
    From almost the very beginning of my Aneros sessions more than eighteen months ago, I have been using the Aneros position of lying on my back with a folded pillow to support my butt. I also used four pillows to support my upper body and head. That position has worked very well as training for my Anerosing. I say this because this position works especially for active Anerosing.
    Then shortly after Thanksgiving last, when I began using Peridise and Tempo in my sessions, I discovered that I could use these two models comfortably inserted while sitting at my PC. Soon after, I discovered that Progasm Junior works equally well in this position. The sitting position utilizes both active Anerosing and just letting these models work by themselves without doing much of anything. These three Aneros models produced new pleasurable feelings never experienced before. These new feelings are centered in the autof**k action of these three models which produce an insistent rhythm closely akin at times to a drumbeat.
    I applied the rhythmic f**k action of Peridise, Tempo, and Progasm Junior to my other Aneros models which both enhanced and transformed my Aneros sessions.
    Finally just about a week or so ago, I discovered the lying on your right side in the fetal position with my Aneros models inserted. I found that Maximus and Progasm Classic works very well in this position. Lying on your side makes for passivity in Anerosing. It is closely akin to the Do Nothing Approach. It is amazing to see and feel both Maximus and Progasm Classic autof**k me with slow, long strokes which are insistent. All this may lead me toward my first Super-O's very soon.
    Finally this morning, I discovered that I can accommodate my Aneros models while standing, even walking. Soon I hope to learn to use my Aneros models in doggie fashion or lying on my belly on my futon. A guy in Aneros chat told me tonight that I am well on my way when I enjoy my Aneros models while lying on my right side.
    Take care.

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