• Do I really know what I’m doing…?

    I've used the Aneros for what seems like just over a year now. Often using it would be in spurts, then I'd go off it for a month or two.
    Recently, I've abstained from masturbation and sex for over two weeks. My sexual senses are at a refreshing high – feelin' pretty good, particularly for pleasurable anticipation.
    Naturally I decided to dive into the Aneros because of the sexual drive pumping around. Found that in the morning, usually before 11:00am, morning glory kicks in. Of course I decided to see if this could amplify a session with the Aneros.
    And the result: no, not much. Maybe the time spent pre-lubing and slipping in the MGX killed off some of the drive? Still, the session didn't hit me with any groundbreaking sensations. Most sensations still come primarily from PC and abdominal muscles, and just doesn't feel like the Aneros itself is bringing any positive and necessary pleasures from the sphincter, prostate and rectus.
    Just under an hour in, I was a little dissatisfied and slightly impatient. So, in a rare occasion, in went the mighty Progasm. Oh man.
    Early on into it, I was getting a weird but really nice looping feedback of the chakra from pelvic to chest, and back. The result was causing my dick to swell completely involuntarily, and this also furthered the pleasures – increasing up and up in my pelvic and chest. It got to a point where my Progasm would sink in and press against the prostate, causing a noticeable tingling like one gets when they're about to ejaculate. All of this disappeared as quickly as it came, however.
    The rest of the session didn't lead to much.
    This was a good surprise though! The trick seemed to be running purely on the what the Aneros was giving, and also focusing on erotic material to supplement the excitement. I hope something similar can happen again soon.

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