• dmiket

    I have better understanding of the relaxed and aroused mentality that others have posted. Thursday night after I did some prep and warm up and one good puff of some good herb, I laid on the couch with my legs draped over the arm and got comfortable. The hour that followed was full of contractions and body tensing and got myself thoroughly simulated to a point where my body was just buzzing and I could just lie there and not even feel my body..it was almost a feeling of being inside of my own self. it was amazing!! it was from that point that the relaxed and aroused sensations just took over and I feel like there were five or six super O's .
    This took me to a new heights !!
    again just amazing.
    the best part was such small movements and they were all internal as my physical body had stopped moving except for the tiny contractions and movement of our pelvic floor muscles .that was exquisit!!!
    At one point it almost felt like through my minds eye I was traveling through space and just watching the stars coming at me slowly and steadily. It was unlike anything I've done before .
    I can't wait to do it again.so I guess I would add as I near the finish of this is that it took physical movement of the device in my anal canal and my prostate to reach a point of high arousal.
    from there the completely-relaxed not-moving-my-body at all with the tiny muscle movements took me to a brand new place.
    it was fantastic!!!

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