• Discovering edging and aless

    Okay WOW.
    as i posted on the forum I recently read again the multi orgasmic man, actually its the first time that I read it after starting using the aneros.
    I decided to start edging again and this time it seems that I really got the hang of it and i found myself edging 2-3 times a day for three days straight.
    On the third day I had an unplanned opportunity for a session and boy, I sure as hell needed this session.
    I was already started to feel for the first time aless sensations and I couldn’t wait to slip the aneros in.
    Apparently I was too exited because i had to have 10 minutes to get in the zone and relax, when I did the I could feel the aneros buzzing like never before and for the first time i think i got my mini o 30 minutes to the session. I planned the session not to be more than 45 minutes but I was so into the new sensation that I wanted to see what would happen next.
    as soon as I reached the time limit i put on myself it felt like my head opened up and I had the feeling of spinning in space I started to breath heavily, whole body shaking soon followed, I could feel myself climbing the arousal ladder but i reached a point where i got stuck and then slide down.
    A bit disappointed I concluded my session after 1.5 hour from the start. I pulled out the Aneros but my arousel was so high that i had to ejaculate, so I did and it was the most intense penile orgasm of my life.
    But the story does not end here, the day after I started edging again with the same regime and after two days I started to have intense aless sensations again, since I was away from home and didn’t packed my trusty aneros with me I decided to try an aless session. it went well with a good sensation radiating from prostate, eventually I fell asleep and started my third day of edging
    I didn’t have much to do today so after some breakfast and a 30 min edging session I wanted to get started with the day but as soon as a i got to the bed I thought to myself that I wont fall asleep now and I figured it would be nice to try another go with aless session.
    this time it was a whole different thing after twenty minutes my body surged with sexual energy jolting everywhere i tried to stay calm and relax myself i felt it building and building up and all that energy trying to find a way to escape that’s when I had it, an orgasm starting from my head trickling down my neck to the shoulders and then running through my whole body it was a mild orgasm but it was a sensation of bliss never felt before I was happy and I think I teared up a little bit.
    the orgasm subdued after thirty seconds or so I started to build up again with energy. using nipple stimulation helped rev up the energy and my body was aching for another orgasm. i tried to calm down with some success with p waves radiating from my prostate.
    I remembered what i read at the multi orgasmic man about the sexual energy flowing through the body and I touched my tongue with the roof of my mouth and started trying to pull the energy from my prostate to my head and try to circle it around. with every circle I feel a buildup and my body start to stiffen. I tried to calm down but the sensation was so delicious but as my last aneros session i got to a high point at the arousal ladder and I couldn’t tip over. the high amount of arousal became from amazing to overwhelming and I had to stop, found out it I was in a session for almost two hours. this time I decided not to break the streak so after a few minutes of edging I got up and started writing about the experience.
    I’m sitting now with penis tingling and my prostate still pumping from time to time, that’s really amazing cant wait to try out another session with the aneros or without.


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      09/02/2016at2:43 pm

      Hi @redil,
      It’s great that you have joined Aneros Forum and now you have created your blog. I am glad that you have Aless and that you begun daily masturbation and edging sessions. I believe that your bating and edging sessions will enhance both your Aneros sessions and Aless! The Aneros, Aless, and bating and edging will engage your prostate in a powerful and direct way, and vice versa!

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      10/07/2016at1:38 am

      Hey redil
      I’m new to this site and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I was wondering if you could tell me what “aless”, “bating” and “edging” means. I really appreciate it.

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      11/13/2016at6:31 pm

      @Sparky10562, if @redil didn’t answer you via pm or for all others questioning here is a little glossary:
      Aless – abriviation of Aneros-less meaning prostate stimulation by mind and muscles but without any tool, equal whether from Aneros or not.
      Bating – slang for masturbating (see urbandictionary.com)
      Edging – once and again masturbating until you are near to the PONR (point of no return – being not able to supress an ejaculation any longer) – you can give it a try on edgemeplease.com – at no costs – it’s for building up sexual craving without imminent salvation

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      11/13/2016at6:49 pm

      It would deserve a more prominent link, but here it is, the WIKI-Glossary:

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