• Dialed In

    Great session after work today! I relaxed for about 10 mins and concentrated on how good it felt when the Helix found my prostate. I’d let it brush against it, alternating the strength of my flexing. Some bearing down, others 1/2 strength. As I would change from legs up feet flat to more of a bowed position with feet touching, I’d sway my hips a little to let the Helix brush across my prostate side to side. This immediately started the involuntary flexing which led into full blown orgasms. I strung about 8 or 9 of them together, one right after another. Ive really gotten to the point of dialing in and focusing on those motions (flexing, KegaIs, position changes) that push my prostate from that warm glowing feeling to over the edge. I hated to stop but I had other things to do.

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