• Devilish little Eupho Syn teached me oh what a lesson!

    Hi again, now that I’ve catched up on some sleep after little Eupho Syn left me too jaded to continue my blogpost on sunday [sorry for that cliffhanger] I must admit that I am still worn out by my prostate determined sex life of the last month. Since my gland awoke it seems to go off to sleep nevermore.
    All day present vibes and unvoluntaries rule my day and all your varied experiences you share on this site add some new kick each day. That’s no complain at all! Thank you for sharing! Although alltogether it becomes extremely time-consuming, I nevertheless don’t want to miss any of my new experiences. And there have been a lot. To name but a few of the last week:
    While standing fully naked in front of the bathroom mirror I looked at my nipples and I hit on the idea of doing some mental nipple play. I raised my elbows and pointed with my forefingers at my nipples, slowly coming closer but not yet touching. Like induced electric power some signals at once stirred my gland and sudden unvoluntaries followed. In half a minute I had a semi-hard-on and was fully aroused doing some wild erratic motions. I smiled lustfully. When the first p-gasm arose my face changed to a wild and wicked expression showing me all my horniness. Leering at myself I watched me nodding towards my nipples as to say, “now touch them”. As soon as my fingertips grazed the nipples sudden impulses ran through my body and elicited wild convulsions and horny waves of bliss. When the feelings subsided I saw myself with a wicked grin touch them again triggering the next orgasm. Watching my face gave me a second thrill and I got randy more and more by watching me teasing myself for even more twitching and running wild.
    Brushing my teeth I tracked the vibrations and guided them to my prostate, thinking about it being stimulated thereby. Soon p-waves and some little unvoluntaries followed. The aim to get all teeth properly brushed was too much distraction to go any further.
    The radio was off and I listened to the engine noise and felt the mild vibrations in the seat. Somehow the vibrations remembered me of the rythmic binaural sounds I listened before. A sudden p-wave reported that my gland did remember it, too. Like globing a snowball I tried to do nearly nothing but to caress the outer body of the increasing p-wave with my thoughts. I gave a sudden loud but brief groan and stretched unintentionally, then a mini orgasm followed on foot. I held on tight to the steering wheel and experienced some convulsions I tried to suppress while I was moaning on with pleasure. As I tried to struggle down the unvoluntaries I watched the area of vibes becoming bigger and bigger. Giving in in those unvoluntaries seems to be a kind of resistance of the physis. This conscious protective mechanism may hinder us to develop the orgasmic power we could achieve without. At the next traffic light the feelings subsided, but I had some more of these intense experiences on the open road.
    Finally my sunday session …
    … taught me how everything depends on the current combination of internal and external circumstances. Having slept deeply for more than eight hours and having enough space and time enabled my devilish little Eupho Syn to teach me a lesson I will not forget in a hurry.
    I must start by saying the following. My inner voice meanwhile acts as an interpreter to me helping to understand the commands of my gland thus developing dialogues in their own dynamic. Subsequently I will simplistically say “my gland said” to report about my inner voice’s words.
    Having plenty of time I got prepared thoroughly and got my tiny little Eupho Syn in place, well lubed. From the outset I had decided to “do nothing”. When on my bed l lay down on my stomach, grabbed a pillow of firm but squeezy foam and exhaled noisily. My legs were covered with the blanket.
    When I wanted to spread one leg to get into my best position for fast arousal I heard my gland say: “Legs together.” I did as I was told. Somehow this command already gave me a shiver. Only seconds later first unvoluntaries shook my buttock and my erection grew. I had put a towel under my pelvis and some paper towels on top to banish any thought about stains on the bed. The paper furthermore should help me to see how many precum I would ooze. I had not to wait long for my first p-gasm. Right from the start little Eupho took over command as if we only had had a short break in a session. It seemed as if every Aless session had trained the muscles how to shake the Eupho in the right place to give me maximum pleasure. Intensive Super-Os came up soon and it went really exhausting. Allready grasping the mattress in a frenzy the feelings suddenly subsided and I got a little rest.
    I opened my legs a little for relaxation but at once heard a sharp order: “We have not even begun! Legs together.” Thus started another series of Super-Os that was really overwhelming. In wild moans I blissfully gave in and surrendered unconditionally to my Eupho or to my gland using the Eupho, I don’t really know, somehow I obeyed to both. A third series began, even stronger and more exhausting. Inbetween these overwhelming emotions there was a wide valley of bliss but without any vibes making believe the session was over. By this clever coup the following became all the more surprising.
    “Now you can open your leg. Only a bit!” was my next order. And out of nothing tremendeous orgasms shook my body like a violent storm.
    “Open wider!” I heard after a short break as a barely sufficient bounceback and I promptly did as I was told. Like a voluminous flow of lava the next series of huge orgasms washed me away and left me blissfully happy. As fully exhausted as full of felicity.
    By the way, during the session my penis went from semi-erect to fully erect and throbbing like fury and back. Looking under my stomach I found a big wet spot on the paper towel and my glans being fully wet. Perhaps that amount of precum was caused by my now about one week of semen retention. Today as it’s already wednesday I feel my heavy balls all the day as if they were too heavy loaded to bear the burdon. It’s a bit like edging all the day. But as the night before tonight I will again try some binaurals. Perhaps I should prepare myself for a wet dream. A little chairgasm right now was the answer from below, 😉
    The Eupho Syn gave me a ride to remember and again taught me, it’s not always a matter of size! Thank you, Eupho and your creators here at Aneros and the Maker for our gland! It’s such a gift!
    Enjoy, take care, and never underestimate tiny little tools. 😉


    • Avatar for goldenboy


      11/17/2016at11:41 am

      @SOwithoutAneros What a great post! Having all the following words in the same paragraph is a real turn-on! Penis, Wet, Precum, Semen Retention, Balls, Edging, Binaurals, Wet Dream! OMG! I have been trying for a wet dream now for a while but so far no success. My longest run of SR was 14 days; probably still not long enough. Let me know if you are successful, thanks!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      11/18/2016at12:07 am

      Hey @goldenboy, thank you very much for your friendly comment. I must admit, I was neither successful to accomplish a wet dream nor to hold back my cum today. With already aching balls because of my curiosity aroused by your blog I was too eager to learn more about binaurals. Last night I had tried some of Shebbysays’ Erotic Hypno “My Sweet Boy – with binaurals” – a kind of an initiation ceremony to that series – but despite some nice p-waves and unvoluntaries I was too sleepy to follow all orders and somewhen dozed off. After I had discovered some more on YouTube I couldn’t resist to listen to them once in a while all day. In the morning even in the office the yearning led to some chairgasm when listening to “Spontaneous Erection Tease” (and Denial) by Bob Brown. The extremely erotic woman’s voice in that clip has triggered all my senses. (Looking up the web address now while writing and playing that 5-minutes-teaser again, at 4″25 listening to her word “BLISS” a deep chairgasm strucks me right away. After that my upcoming desire just now makes me listen to “My Sweet Boy …” again, the tension goes up really slow but after twentysomething minutes I not only believ to feel the leather straps Shebby says my ankles and wrists are constrained with to the chair, I furthermore achiev a very intense Super-O waving through my whole body while clenching to my chair and writhing in my surreal bonds, before the voice allows me to come back to reality. On my way home from work this afternoon I listened to “Slave obey – with punishment for early orgasms” and had some nice carseatgasms. At home I surrendered to “Shibby Says” and did as I was told as long as I could but one round before getting permission I shoot an unbelievable load bringing me back to day zero of SR. Thank you, @goldenboy, never would have thought what a turn-on these binaurals can be. Life is soooo wonderful!

      • flexxor

        07/12/2022at5:23 pm

        Are there male versions of the binaurals?

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