• Desperately seeking involuntaries.

    Lube: water/propylene glycol, vaseline on the Maximus
    I did the usual routine of "do nothing" for 45 minutes: just belly breathing and relaxing, and letting things happen.
    Got a mini-O within about ten minutes. It plateaued. I kept mental focus on any sensations the prostate area and around the 30-40 minute mark got a second, bigger, mini-O. (I don't keep precise records of the time — that would spoil things.) This didn't build further, but left me with a very strong feeling of tension in the prostate area.
    At about the 45 minute mark — there was a sound outside which caused me to look at the clock, I decided to change tack. I was highly aroused, so I took the opportunity to try some techniques given in the forums and wiki to trigger involuntaries. None had the hoped effect. However, one position did hit the "sweet spot" and triggered another mini-O.
    A very pleasant session (I'm still buzzing half an hour later), but I have the feeling that I'm still climbing a hill.
    Yours, with a gently aching prostate…

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