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    Holidays are over, kids back to collage today, finally a opportunity to be totally alone. Until now my desire has been to insert the aneros and wait or try to make something happen. Since i have had no alone time for a while I have been practicing a less techniques in bed at night and early in the morning. i have become much more in tune with this practice and could not wait for the opportunity to have a session. For the first time my desire was not to have a session and make something happen, i had a strong desire to just have the Aneros inside of me. It had been so long I was mentally and physically craving for it. This went on for about a week until today when I finally got the opportunity. Thanks to a blog from Lingaman I have been practicing a technique he describes in his last blog. (Thank You again) I practiced the technique a less while I was waiting for my opportunity to be alone. Today it Happened! The desire was there, the arousal was there and I just wanted to get the Aneros inside of me and enjoy, and boy did i! Did not try to make anything happen just let the Aneros fill me up and do its job. I started in the usual position on my side one leg up per protocal and the pleasant pulsing started. This has been the norm for me at the beginning of my sessions so i just laid there and let it go. The feelings subsided after about twenty minutes like always for me. This is when I usually try and make something happen and spend the next hour or so overthinking the whole process. Today I rolled on to my back and decided to go with ligamans technique I have been practicing a less for the last week. I took a small piece of coconut oil and placed it on the underside of my cock just below the tip and rubbed ever so lightly in small circles, I also did the same thing to one of my nipples and rubbed both at the same time in rhytham very lightly with a thin film of slippery coconut oil. It took a few minutes and then i could feel something building in my prostate and cock. I had several involuntary prostate pulses and then my cock started to warm up and it felt like i was going to cum. I continued the circles even though I thought i might ejaculate. To my supprise i did not ejaculate and had a nice but not powerful dry o. First time for me! I started again same results a slow build up felt like i was going to cum and a nice dry o again. Not as intense as a regular orgasam but similar in that my prostate and cock pulsed several times and no ejaculation. There was a good amount of precum the second time and my cock was about half hard now. I rested a few minutes and started again I was able to use the pre cum and the coconut oil to create a slippery surface and started the small circles and the nipple circles, after a couple of minutes the wave built again and felt like it was going to be stronger this time. I thought for sure i was going to ejaculate but did not care i wanted to see what was over this edge and it had been about a hour and a half since i started. My prostate and cock pumped away and this time i had two strong anal contractions that startled me. This ended the orgasam and no ejaculation, just more pre cum. I was about three quarters hard at this point and very supprised. I decided to end my session because i have been having a minor hemroid problem recently and i was afraid i would aggrevate the situation. Looking back I wish i would have tried one more time. Getting back to the begining of my post i can finally channel my desire into the Aneros and let it do its job with just a little stimulation to set things off. Can not wait to try again. Thanks again to Lingamans creative writing and helpful tips.

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      02/26/2018at2:21 pm

      Sounds like a great experience! May have to try it to see where it goes. Definitely helps to abstain for a few days as the arousal process becomes more intense after a rest. Nipple stimulation is definitely a part of my sessions. Things build quickly with or without Aneros. The lube on the tip along with dual massage should generate lots of pleasure!

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