• Definite Progress – 2

    After a lengthy day of minor progress, I decided I needed to re-read and try differently.
    I was exhausted, so intrigued about the do nothing method. Wow – Hey Newbies – if you haven't tried doing nothing…go for it.
    Took a long very hot bath with eucalyptus and worked on enjoying and relaxing. Jumped into bed steaming hot and heart racing from the bath. Remained naked on top of the bed just resting for a few minutes with my prep area nearby.
    Rolled over on my left with knees together at 90 degree bend at waist and ever-so-slowly inserted the eupho. And did nothing but deep stomach rhythmic breathing.
    Really nothing… just breathing and concentrating on relaxing and seeing if I could slow my pulse from the bath. Sink deeper into the bed… relax…
    Deep diaphragm breathing… Concentrating of my spot. My pulse was way up from the bath still – and within 7 to 10 minutes, a flutter… deep and low stomach flutter. Followed by a slight roll sensation deep in stomach (closet description was a horizontal bar pressed and rolled a little in my lower stomach muscles)… dont chase it – just breathe… in for 8, hold for 4, out through nose for 8…
    Pulse was still up and picked up slightly more in anticipation and excitement. Deep breathing, do nothing else except for concentrating on my spot and letting go of any tension in the body… in a safe place.. quiet.. no distractions.. no contractions- nothing.
    A few minutes- then a slight deep internal tingle- incredibly small but just enough to feel it and raise my excitement, pulse and body temp once again. Focus on that, breath… deep diaphragm… shallow… deep… and nothing else but relaxing.
    More stomach flutters and a greater awareness of my prostate been strangely teased- so small but there. The only way to describe it is a very very faint flicker on the tip of your nipple.
    Spent some time focusing on this and learned through focus, breathing (deep and slow, sometimes just normal), I was able to identify the flutter easily, and eventually was able to bring it back – same for the occasional stomach butterfly. Then an inner thigh twitched for a quick second. Excitement, pulse, temp raised… The flutter became easier to focus on and when I found myself tensing, I let it go to focus first on relaxing all muscles.
    I continued this for probably a 1/2 hour. With concentration and rhythmic breathing I was able to raise the bar until I started my p-wave- oh that is a nice feeling – concentrate on that feeling and focus on how the flutter helps it… slight and occasional at first- changing my breathing, focusing and nothing else. Very soon p-waves were rolling in sets of 2-3 and through breathing, forced muscle relaxation, I was able to cycle back to them and deepen the intensity slightly and the flutter on my prostate was still faint but definitely there. No contractions, no spasms.
    Probably 30 pwaves later- some more intense than others, I started to very very very slightly anal contract- its incredible when you are this relaxed and focused how much minute control you have on your anal muscles to be so… delicate. This intensified the flutter slightly and the pwaves took a deeper larger roll.
    I rode this for what seemed like an hour (probably 20-30 min) just enjoying the rush- I then decided to amp it up with some audio porn (search "Edging" on soundcloud) and some porn imagery. This boosted the intensity and I was really close. Still resting and very slight anal contractions- just enough to hold the pwave. Sometimes switching to a slow and calm rectal contraction while forgetting to breathe.
    I read before that erogenous zones like nipples become highly sensitive )mine were never before(, but oh wow – very lightly flicking the very tips sent light waves of pleasure through my core – never would I have believed this possible.
    I found my legs and body were eventually tensing so when realized, I would force the muscle relaxation, concentrate on the flutter sensation and the pwaves were edging me closer than before… nearly there… or so it seemed.
    But after 20+- minutes I was finding the need to reset or change the porn distracting, so I shut it down and tried on my right side back to the basics…some small pwaves but not like before and drifted off to sleep.
    It was an amazing experience and incredibly motivating.
    Trying again tonight the same… starting with a very hot bath.

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      07/28/2015at8:25 am

      It is really encouraging to read this from another man, a man describing his ritual designed to bring him sustained relaxation and ultimate pleasure. You had me at 'eucalyptus bath' and my sense of relaxing into a bedded bliss of spiritual-self-love washed over and quivered across my loins. I too like to engage your technique, particularly when I have all doors shut and locked, all phones off leaving just me, to be me! "TO ME OR NOT TO ME" that is the question!
      Thanks for the imagery and I think this should bode well to any newcomers.

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